1. 2 weeks ago

    Hey all,
    My team is having an issue getting a partner controller to respond. Our code is below and pretty basic. We want one controller (named controller1) to drive the robot and the partner controller (named Partner2) to control the arm and wrist motors. As it stands now during driver control Controller1 controls everything even though the code calls for the buttons to be controlled by Partner2.

    The Lcd for both brain and controllers show the partner controller is tethered and responsive but nothing happens when the buttons are pushed.

    Any idea as to why?

  2. jpearman

    Jan 9 Moderator, ROBOTC Tech Support, V5 Beta Moderator Los Angeles 8888

    you created two primary controllers, to instantiate a partner controller add the optional type

    vex::controller Partner2( controllerType::partner );
  3. last week

    Ahh, perfect. Thank you!


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