VCS Modkit V5 Hold

  1. last week

    How do I make the motor hold its place? I have a lift that just drops. I'm new and am using the Modkit blocks in VCS

  2. mattjiang

    Jan 10 Irvine, CA 2496Y
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    This page should help:

    There's three modes: Brake, coast, and hold. The one you want is "hold".

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    That was very helpful but I can't get it to work with my set up. How do I tell the lift to go up when pressing L1 and down when pressing L2 and then to brake when not pressing anything. The picture is my attempt at have a small breaking power but the motors can overpower it.

  4. It's lifter 1 that I need to stop when the button is released.

  5. nnolte

    Jan 10 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Appleton, WI

    I just tested a small program for this purpose and it worked. Attached is a screen grab of the blocks.

    In this use case I don't think you want to use the When Controller1.ButtonR1.released blocks. That will execute when R1 is released, but you want the motor to hold when R1 and R2 are released.


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