what are Some Tips to add to the Notebook?

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    Jan 10 Earth NUMBERS

    We have a lot of writing, some sketches, and a little bit of our calculations. What are some things you would add to make the notebook better? What are some hacks and tips you would suggest to beginners for the notebook? Anything extra?

  2. lacsap

    Jan 11 Event Partner, V5 Beta Tester Massachusetts 9791[a-z]

    Keep it simple:

    • identify a problem - describe the game and team strategy for the season
    • discuss solutions (note it is more than one) -
    • pick the best (better to support the decision with something like a decision matrix)
    • prototype/test idea
    • iterate

    Our team has many artifacts - sketches, as built drawings, material lists, timing sheets for autonomous plans, robot performance evaluation (speed trials), etc. All to show growth of the design over time.

    That team, and teams before it, has done well with that approach.

    Most importantly, it is not something you do the night before, it is a document that shows the growth of the team and its design process.

  3. kmmohn

    Jan 11 Monroe MI 3547

    Download the judges guide: https://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2018/09/vrc-judge-guide-2018-19.pdf and look on page 21 and 22 for the Design Award Rubric. This is the first thing judges will look at when reviewing your engineering notebook. Write your notebook (which you should have been doing from the start of the season, of course) so that each of the rubric items are covered (and easy for the judges to find), and your team will stand out as a candidate for the Design or Excellence Award. The actual decision between outstanding teams will be made based on the interviews, so don't discount the importance of the interview process.

    Here's an article about notebooks that might be helpful: https://renegaderobotics.org/engineering-notebook-design-award/

  4. sabarrett328

    Jan 11 Grand Blanc, MI 46838C Major Trouble

    Don't just put the good things in the notebook. Include the things you learned from, and how you learned from them (meaning.... the things that broke, failed or didn't work). This is what actually happens in life.

  5. Joe | 574C

    Jan 11 Syracuse IN 574C

    Charts, pie graphs and Matrixs(es?) when it comes to data all can catch the eyes of judges. Just make sure they are accurate and colored :)


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