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  1. 10 hours ago
    Wed Jan 23 23:13:35 2019
    lacsap posted in 2 Robots, None Working.

    @TaranMayer We have decided to make a V5 bot that's okay, but not great.

    Be consistent, that will make lots of partners happy!

    Good luck with your competition!

  2. Wed Jan 23 22:50:05 2019

    @John TYler Given that the Judges Award and the Sportsmanship Award don't qualify for anything and sometimes aren't even awarded, I would not stress too much about this. I would be concerned if Excellence and Design went to the same team, though.

    Correct, we had that happen at Regionals a few years ago getting both Excellence and Design, the RECF representative caught the error late, but my kids were good about bringing the design trophy to the team that should have gotten it.

  3. 19 hours ago
    Wed Jan 23 13:53:25 2019

    I would recommend using the V5 standalone firmware updater. Make sure no other program is running that accesses the V5 Robot Brain, such as VCS... Select the option to force reload of the firmware.

    You can find the standalone updater here:

  4. 22 hours ago
    Wed Jan 23 11:18:09 2019

    @AperatureLabs Also, do we know if there is going to be a way next year to run VEXnet and Bluetooth simultaneously? The sooner we can get teams off of VEXnet, the better.

    Pretty sure VEXnet (2.0 and 3.0) is the only official way during competitions. Bluetooth has its limitations too.

  5. Wed Jan 23 11:16:15 2019

    @MostLikelyAHuman My current theory is that since V5 is new, and some teams probably don't realize that they are using a Bluetooth connection, either the sheer amount of radio transmissions being made to and from robots in causing some form of interference, and teams who don't know that they are using Bluetooth may be experiencing issues because the Bluetooth connection is not intended for competition use. At our recent competition, we experienced some minor issues and the only cause that I could think of was just the amount of robots present. I will try testing this theory sometime...

    Once connected to the tower, the V5 robot brain and V5 controller uses VEXnet. There was early version of VEXos which did allow Bluetooth to be on for competition, but not with VEXos 1.0.5 which will disable Bluetooth connection while connected to the tower.

  6. Wed Jan 23 11:10:26 2019
    lacsap posted in 2 Robots, None Working.

    @rpm Ok, I had interpreted <R1>(a)
    "a. Teams may not compete with one robot while a second is being modified or assembled."
    as being with the intention of using the second robot at that competition. But, I guess that would be difficult for the EP to track. I will ask this q in the EP forum.

    However, since a robot is defined as subsystem 1 (chassis) and 2 (power/brain) but not 3, your could work on 3.

    Given that the team is on the board - pretty easy for EP to track :) There will be that other team that will complain about it and use the vex forum post as evidence...

  7. yesterday
    Wed Jan 23 01:19:22 2019

    @meepmeepme Link to Vex Store

    Considering the inconsistencies of lighting at competitions, would this product

    1. Be Competition legal?
    2. Be compatible with V5?

    E: I found this thread from a little while back:

    At states I got to talk with a member of a team who had a vision sensor on their shooter. I was thinking that this product or a similar product would be able to rectify the lighting inconsistencies.

    Look at Game Manual under <R8>:

    g. Decorations that visually mimic field elements or could otherwise interfere with an
    opponent’s Vision Sensor are considered functional and are not permitted. This includes lights, such as the VEX Flashlight. The Head Inspector and Head Referee will make the final decision on whether a given decoration or mechanism violates this rule.

    and Q&A response: Flashlight for Vision Sensor Clarification

    Then consider your application.

  8. Tue Jan 22 18:22:40 2019

    @Jared2183 I just don't think it's fair to penalize a team over something they can't control

    Write to the GDC and see if they can improve things. I am just relaying the guidance given for replays right now.

  9. Tue Jan 22 18:02:13 2019

    The replay criteria focuses on field fault or referee misapplication of game rules, not robot fault.
    VRC Replay Criteria

  10. Tue Jan 22 17:13:02 2019
    lacsap posted in V5 Field Connection Issues.

    @9065_Parker The way we connect the controller to the tower is

    1. turn on robot/controller
    2. start program normally
    3. select autonomous (optional)
    4. connect to control tower.

    I believe this is the incorrect procedure - connect to tower first before running program. Green lights should appear.

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