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  1. 11 hours ago
    Wed Jan 23 21:06:17 2019

    In WI, 4410C, 1200Z and 1200A, several of the 5509 teams, 536C and 536E, 4082A and a few others I am probably forgetting.

  2. 15 hours ago
    Wed Jan 23 17:17:07 2019
    536Mentor posted in Making Robotics Club.

    Our club is in existence to compete, so yes everyone in our club competes.

  3. yesterday
    Tue Jan 22 17:07:34 2019
    536Mentor posted in V5 Field Connection Issues.

    @9065_Parker The way we connect the controller to the tower is

    1. turn on robot/controller
    2. start program normally
    3. select autonomous (optional)
    4. connect to control tower.

    Which is counter to what we have been told to do with the Cortex.
    With the Cortex the order is:

    1. connect to the field
    2. turn on Cortex
    3. turn on Controller
    4. select autonomous (if necessary)
    5. Start program (V5)

    The reason for this deals with the two types of VEXNet, public vs. Competition. Having the robot on and connected to the controller before connecting to the field places you on the public VEXNet channels which are more prone to interference. Connecting to the field first places your connection in the competition VEXNet channels which are less prone to interference. I haven't heard whether this makes a difference with V5, but I would expect the reasoning would be the same.

  4. 2 days ago
    Mon Jan 21 16:55:13 2019
    536Mentor posted in Motors Overheating?.

    The fact that only one is braking and they are running at different power seem to be the issue.

  5. Mon Jan 21 16:53:34 2019
    536Mentor posted in 36 Inches.

    As I interpret the rule. there is nothing that allows for there to be any dimension horizontally to be greater than 36 inches. It doesn't matter where the horizontal dimension is relative to the floor. If the two legs of the 36" sizing tool are on the floor/table, then when the robot is fully expanded horizontally, NO orientation of the robot should have a dimension that would not be contained in within the dimensions of the sizing tool. Therefore, I would rule that the robot in as TarenMayer presented and the idea that AlexM_4478X presented would both be illegal. For example, you place a vertical line at one corner of the robot and use that vertical line as the center of a circle of radius 36", NO part of the robot should extend outside of the surface described outside of the vertical line swept by the circle. This should be true for any exterior point of the robot.
    Although, many have stated that it is not necessarily a cylinder of radius 36", see my attached picture below.

  6. last week
    Mon Jan 14 14:48:32 2019
    536Mentor posted in Wide chassis vs thin chassis.

    My only take on the wide versus thin is that I have seen the robots that are as wide as possible have some difficulty getting on the platforms as the driver has to be very precise. If the wheels on one side catch the rounded part of the platform, the robot tends to slide to that side. Overly narrow and you do limit the space for your devices.

  7. Fri Jan 11 14:09:23 2019
    536Mentor posted in Is this legal?.

    It would be legal, yes, but very risky, in my opinion. If your robot travels an inch or two too far, you run the risk of forfeiting autonomous to your opponent.

  8. Fri Jan 11 14:06:13 2019
    536Mentor posted in V5 battery not charging.

    You are welcome

  9. Thu Jan 10 19:13:13 2019
    536Mentor posted in VCS Problem.

    See this thread
    link text

  10. Thu Jan 10 19:11:40 2019
    536Mentor posted in V5 battery not charging.

    First, make sure that your V5 brain has the latest firmware update (1.05). If not, update it and power cycle it. (Turn it off , wait 10 second or so, then turn it back on). Then, connect the battery to the charger and the brain. The brain should give you the option of updating the battery firmware. This will give the battery much better performance and, hopefully, it will charge. If your brain needed updating, you should also connect your radio and your controller to is as well and update all of them.

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