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  1. 4 days ago
    Sat Jan 19 23:04:47 2019
    B Barin posted in Hotspots.

    @tdawg1114 I don,t know what frequency the V5 vexnet is on but they mite be close to the 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz

    or they mite be trying to fix the problem with the robots disconnecting all the time and no one knows how to fix that properly yet.

    Both VEXnet for Cortex and VEXnet for V5 use 2.4 Ghz.

  2. Sat Jan 19 10:07:36 2019

    @panddddda I can create a competition template for VEX C++ and C++ Pro, but I don't know how to do it with modkit. Our kids are too young to use programming language and there is no example. I have chosen competition project but it doesn't work, maybe it'll be included in next update?

    There really isn't a competition template for Modkit. Switch to Robot Mesh Studio Blockly if you need graphical programming with competition support.

  3. 6 days ago
    Fri Jan 18 05:24:46 2019

    @Mark Finley I want to put extra license plates on my robot that say my team's name and some other stuff. They would be nonfunctional decorations. I know that this is legal as I have seen a lot of other people do it.

    My question is that do these decoration plates have to match the color of the alliance I am on? Can I use any color combination as long as it is clear that none of them are the team identification plates, and the team identification plates are also the correct color? Or do I need to have two sets of decoration plates, one red and one blue.

    If this question has been answered in the past or if anyone has had a ref say anything to them please tell me. I figured this wasn't worth getting my mentor to post on the official Q&A as it is pretty minor and they take forever to answer anything. I'm really looking for the opinions of refs and the experiences of other people.

    <R20d> Robots must use the colored plates that match their alliance color for each match (i.e. red alliance robots must have their red plates on for the match). It must be abundantly clear which color alliance the robot belongs to.

    See the 'abundantly clear' clause you quoted. As long as the decoration plates are clearly not your main plates and your alliance color is abundantly obvious, you should be fine. However, different refs have different standards, so don't expect to necessarily be allowed to use mismatched plates as you described at all competitions.

  4. last week
    Wed Jan 16 08:59:18 2019
    B Barin posted in V5 Absurd Wishlist.

    @meepmeepme The ability to have driver controlled autonomous through vision sensor data to the controller.

    That would literally defeat the point of the autonomous period. Your robot is meant to be autonomous, not driver-controlled.

  5. Mon Jan 14 22:27:43 2019
    B Barin posted in Computers.

    Yes, just about any computer that can run a modern operating system will work. There is no point in everyone simply posting "xyz modern computer works fine."

  6. Mon Jan 14 13:49:40 2019

    @3038922 I want to use pixy vision +brain recognition score .And real-time display of scores. Is this feasible?

    How is this even remotely relevant to this thread? And why are you misattributing your own quote to @Dave Flowerday?

  7. Mon Jan 14 05:30:39 2019

    @Dave Flowerday The current designs have been in place for a few years now and I do think at a minimum there's some tweaks needed. The alternate alliance selection screen here looks very very similar to a proposal I saw from @Karthik a year or 2 ago that I believe was posted on chiefdelphi.com (can't find it now due to the new forum in use there). I think having a screen that allows video to be shown as well as the alliance selection data would be a nice improvement. However, screen designs have a number of requirements that need to be considered, several of which aren't addressed in the sample here. This includes things like including appropriate branding/sponsor recognition and attention to title-safe areas among other things.

    I fully agree that my design/implementation is not production-ready (hence my lack of public release in its current state).

    @Dave Flowerday 2) Regarding the comment about bug reports (now replaced with a comment that "they have actual bugs to fix first") - I don't want to get into it too much here other than to say we look at all reports even if we don't necessarily respond directly to them. However, said report was headlined by a bug which was identified in May and a fix was released this summer, meaning the event was running very old code. The remaining issues are not critical (one isn't a bug at all, but rather a limitation the user just didn't like, and another one also sounds like an already-fixed issue as well). With a lot going on already, it's hard to justify spending time trying to reproduce minor bugs when we know the report is based on outdated software. We will look into them, but we're also not going to drop everything during the holiday break to do so.

    Again, as mentioned, I felt my original post was unfairly critical and thus edited it accordingly. However, it would definitely have been nice to be told the event was running old code. The same individuals will be hosting another event, and only now do I know to follow up with them to make sure TM gets updated.

    @Dave Flowerday 3) We have been instructed by RECF to only make a few TM releases each year. I personally would prefer to release more frequently as I'd like to get small features and minor bug fixes into EPs hands sooner, and we used to do that until a few years ago. However, RECF RSMs and many EPs have apparently given a lot of feedback that they do not like frequent releases occurring during the season as they feel it is too hard to keep up with the changes, and I can appreciate that. As @sankeydd said (and thanks for the nice words), we do have to be careful about making changes and adding features. TM has to work, and we also have to try to balance the needs of power users (of which there are relatively few) and all the other TM users (of which there are a lot - 100+ events each weekend).

    @Got a Screw Loose What if they released a TM2 in the future, with a completely redesigned look? Both versions would be functional, but the newer one would have more user-friendly graphics, at the possible expense of early bugs. I don't know, just an idea.

    The RECF would probably reject such an idea, but I would also support having a second release channel for TM. It would allow the power-users in each region, of which many probably end up as unofficial TM support for their regions, to become acquainted with new features before said features are incorporated into the main release channel.

  8. Mon Jan 14 02:01:55 2019

    @sankeydd The TM team is fantastic and on the EP forum they are very responsive. If you're an EP you should be able to get access.

    My previous interactions with DWAB have been positive. I realized my post above was probably unnecessarily critical of them and have edited it accordingly.

    Also, I am not officially an EP and thus cannot access the EP forum.

  9. Mon Jan 14 01:53:00 2019

    @BenEllery I'm curious - what technology did you use for this screen? And if it's not interacting with TM, I'm guessing you're entering the alliance choices in parallel in TM and your system?

    Yes, alliance choices were entered in parallel.

    My system, as it stands currently, is built as a standard webpage. HTML/CSS for the frontend; JavaScript handles the logic and modifies the HTML appropriately. As a result, my system can be used on any device with Chrome installed (I used new web standards not implemented in other browsers).

  10. Mon Jan 14 00:50:47 2019

    @Gabriel D I would like to hear what people who have run the Tournament Manager software have to say about it.

    I'm honestly not sure there's much point in having this thread at all:

    • There really isn't an alternative to Tournament Manager
    • The best way to give feedback about TM is by emailing support@dwabtech.com
    • As @lacsap mentioned, you will probably get better insights in the EP forum (that you don't have access to) than here in the public forum
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