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    Thu Jan 24 00:02:53 2019
    Xenon posted in Re-Visiting BO1 and BO3.

    @[TVA Connor]As the team leader of 1814D, I do not believe the first problem should be the fact that we have BO1, but the inconsistency of the V5 system. I have noticed that the lucky teams with the V5 system do not have any disconnects at all, and the unlucky get practically disconnects all the time. This is quite an unfair advantage, and to the unlucky who work hard to get a well-performing robot which loses because of something that isn't their fault I feel bad for them. I believe it would be our best chance to wait one entire season with BO1 and see if VEX can get themselves together, with the addition of us, the consumers, who get what we want. I have spent thousands of my own funding for robotics, and if I do not have a say in this competition in regards to fairness and common sense, then I will no longer compete in the future. And although I have been enjoying my time, I am constantly saddened to see so many fail due to poor quality of much of the products VEX sells. I am sorry if I am having such high standards of VEX, but yet again... should I be having high standards for VEX?

    I mean, for the price we pay for these things, they should at least be reliable

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    Wed Jan 23 22:40:33 2019

    @224x SoCal, just socal, no specific team, just the entire thing

    lol +1

  3. Wed Jan 23 22:37:57 2019
    Xenon posted in Re-Visiting BO1 and BO3.

    although I prefer bo3, bo1 is more efficient and practical. bo1 is okay, but there needs to be replays for events out of teams control, so someones season isn't ruined by 99.95% reliable vexnet.

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    Wed Jan 23 03:26:49 2019
    Xenon posted in 240P Online Challenges 2019.

    awesome! =D we totally need those pieces

  5. Wed Jan 23 03:12:23 2019

    a white screen during the finals match would maybe cause a replay from the right ref, but you aren't guaranteed a replay for white screening at all.

  6. Wed Jan 23 02:09:39 2019
    Xenon posted in Creating Keywords.

    wow that is a cool library! I'd want that tbh I'm gonna miss robotC next year.

  7. Wed Jan 23 02:06:09 2019
    Xenon posted in DR4B Assistance.

    @97934U Personally I have built both types of DR4B lifts and a DR4/6B and the the narrower the whole thing is the better. I have found that for me I was able to achieve a narrower lift and more stable lift with the inverse DR4B

    if you say so... never seen it done that way before.

  8. Wed Jan 23 02:04:31 2019
    Xenon posted in 2 Robots, None Working.

    well there's not much you can do in 40 minutes tbh... I'd just try to fix the cortex bot...
    I've rebuild, oh man lets see... 4 times this season already before I was happy.

  9. Wed Jan 23 02:02:17 2019
    Xenon posted in Images won't upload.

    indeed. I use zips with video uploads, but jpegs work fine for me too.

    nice drive btw

  10. Wed Jan 23 02:01:10 2019

    @sankeydd Do you use the curriculum that comes with vex? Do you just start with a clawbot then make your way to competition?

    Students, what would your ideal classroom situation? What does your teacher do that you like or don't like? I'm not talking about their personalities, but how they go about teaching vex!

    I may have an opportunity coming up and I'm curious about what works, other than just being awesome.

    well, letting us do the most on our own as possible is good, or maybe let the more advanced students start on competition bots while the new students get suited with working with vex parts.

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