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    Sat Oct 13 05:04:23 2018
    J Jared2183 started the conversation Does a Bound Notebook Have to be Handwritten?.


    I was wondering if we were to print out our notebook and then bind it with something (say like a string), would it be considered a bound notebook and therefore eligible for the 3 point bonus on the design award rubric?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Fri Sep 21 16:46:40 2018

    @Anomaly There are definitely still uses, but they're more limited.

    A lot of teams use tracking wheels or encoder wheels on their drive train for better position tracking. (Notably 5225A.) Basically the idea is you have a free spinning wheel attached to a standoff and rubber banded down. Thus, the wheels cannot skid or leave the ground if the robot tilts slightly, and you get extremely accurate position tracking. This is the magic behind the 5225A programming skills, and it absolutely cannot be done with the v5 encoders.

    The only other application I can think of is if you have a flywheel and you want more precise velocity tracking. Putting an encoder after a 5:1 or 7:1 ratio will obviously give you more precision (each tic is a smaller unit of rotation of the motor), meaning you can regulate the speed more tightly.

    However, not everyone needs ultra precise PID control on the chassis, and the speed function of the v5 motors might be plenty for flywheels. I honestly have no idea. But I'd be surprised if the quad encoders were totally dead after this season.

    Good luck!

    Continuing off of that, are the encoder wheels usually omni wheels or traction wheels? Thanks

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    Mon Sep 3 15:47:34 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in 929U Turning Point Fall Reveal.

    Does it have a ratcheting mechanism?

  4. Sun Sep 2 03:29:09 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in V5 has shipped .

    @Anomaly This seems like a totally possible option that could definitely benefit some organizations and has no negative ramifications for the organization actually doing it. Obviously 300 teams is a lot but registering an extra team or two seems quite plausible.

    If enough teams do this, it will seem to show a fictitiously high growth rate and it will benefit some regions more than others, which is potentially problematic.

    Separately, @Jared2183 when you get a chance, could you test the torque of a v5 motor against a 393? Thank you!

    Hey sorry we only ordered a v5 system bundle not motors yet lol

    @224x @Jared2183 when did you order?

    literally the day preorders began

  5. Sat Sep 1 15:54:44 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in 4 inch Wheel Dimensions.

    @lacsap I measured 7/8"

    Thank you!

  6. Sat Sep 1 14:16:06 2018
    J Jared2183 started the conversation 4 inch Wheel Dimensions.


    I need to know the width of the regular 4 inch wheels, basically labelled x in this diagram: -image-

    Thanks in advance!

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    Fri Aug 31 03:25:40 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in V5 has shipped .

    The early pre-orders for v5 have arrived; we actually received ours today

  8. Thu Aug 30 02:55:13 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in 929U Turning Point Fall Reveal.

    @Baguette123 At 0:00 for like half a second I thought that was your actual turning point bot :)
    On a side note, better than that Blitz Alliance reveal that was similar
    On a side side note, can you get on the platforms with that ball intake being in the way, or backwards maybe?

    I don't think they can get on the platform. I think theyre a strictly ball/cap descorer bot

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    Thu May 31 22:00:26 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in Disco leeks.

    those v5 motors look strong

  10. Sat May 26 00:26:52 2018
    J Jared2183 posted in Turning Point passive claw.

    Hey I'm just curious,
    Does it close automatically or do you have to push something to get it to close?

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