1/2" Thumbscrew (50-pack)

Hi All,
I’m happy to announce the release of the new VEX 1/2" Thumbscrew (50-pack) - P/N: 275-1485.


I’ve used something similar to these many times to make larger robots easier to break down and reconfigure. The tricky part is what it screws into. If you use a regular nut, then you still need a tool to loosen/tighten the thumbscrew. With a little careful planning, you can use a threaded standoff behind these as a fixed nut. Just make sure the other end of the standoff is securely attached so that turning the thumbscrew doesn’t loosen the whole standoff.

It would be handy if Vex offered a small plate (the size of the bar lock, but about twice as thick) with one or more of the holes threaded to 8-32.


  • Dean

100% Agreed but with that said, I like the idea of thumbscrews VERY much, good stuff!


To expand on Dean’s fantasy:

How about three holes, all threaded 8-32, with an alternative means of attachment such as:
(I don’t know, off hand, if those rivets will fit through an 8-32, but I’m sure ones that will fit through an 8-32 can be made.)

Yes, plastic rivets have less shear strength than do metal screws, but they can be installed easily with access to only one side. If the plates had small bosses around the threaded holes, that would help both with alignment and with rotation resistance.