1/4" pitch bearings difference

can someone please tell me the difference between the normal bearing flats,


and the 1/4" pitch bearing flats.


I have been doing vex for five years and have never seen these used. (probably why they are discontinued).

are they not as wide/thick so they can be mounted on the inside edges of metal etc.?

has anyone had any build that required this?
trying to decide when I would need this part. (even though it is discontinued)



1/4" pitch refers to the distance between the holes. 1/4" pitch bearings are for use with the 1/4" pitch VEX metal that has holes every 1/4 inch instead of the typical 1/2" pitch.

Basically nobody uses the 1/4" pitch stuff. Hence the reason it was discontinued.

thanks for the post but it is definitely the same distance from hole to hole as the normal bearing flats.


If you look on the back, you will see there are round extensions/knobs for the bearing to align in the holes. If you take the distance from the knob to the next hole, it will fit on the 1/4" pitch metal.

As far as I know, the 1/4" Pitch metal was discontinued a while ago.

Oh! I see it now. Thanks!

is vex 1/4in metal and parts still legal if we can get our hands on it? The rules says,

“Official Robotics Components from the VEX Robotics Design System which have been discontinued are still legal for competition use. However teams must be cognizant of <R5a> <R6> Official VEX products are ONLY available from VEX & Official VEX Resellers. To determine whether a product is “official” or not, consult www.vexrobotics.com.”

this leads me to believe yes, but I have never seen it used which make me worry if vex made it illegal after discontinuing it.

I know this isn’t official. just wondering if anyone knows

It would still be usable.

I asked Karthik about using the battery box. It holds AA batteries for powering your robot. He said it can still be used, but you cannot use it to power the robot. I asked how that works and he said that the teams can get very creative, but that the AA batteries are no longer allowed even though you can use the things that holds them.

The bottom line is that if it is or was part of the Vex design system it can be used.

My team wants to buy the AA battery holder and figure out a way to use it just to be different.

I know that fuse has some that they have used for battery holders several times. I could definitely see a great use on your robot.

ya, I thought it could definitely help when using pneumatics. more positions to get the perfect throw. I could also see a compact drive or transmission being made with 1/4. cant wait to get some!