1/4" pitch parts

Like other teams, spending time dumping parts out of the many Plano boxes, doing a resort and reorder on parts that I’ve gone through.

I have some of the 1/4" pitch parts that I thought would be useful, but it turns out they haven’t been used.

Any of you have used / using the 1/4" pitch parts? If so, what did you use them for?

I’ve seen them used in end effectors where small size was important. But not often, since I doubt most teams have ever even heard of these parts.

Always knew they existed but never had a reason to buy them. I have never seen people buy them or use them.

Wait, what the heck are 1/4" pitch parts?

With the new organization I couldn’t quickly find it on VEX’s site but here it is

also I found it on the mexico version of the site

You can only get these parts in a kit. Manufacture was probably discontinued years ago because nobody bought the stuff, and VEX is using up all the inventory by including it in a kit. When it’s all gone, they’ll likely change the kit contents a bit.

I’m pretty sure that these parts are long gone. Those links both look dead to me, although it is possible that the Mexican reseller might have them in stock.

So the answer is, other than me futzing around with them, they really haven’t hit the main stream??

@Foster Well are they useful?

Oh yeah we got some of those. Was wondering what those were. This is only my second year doing VEX so some of the parts are new to me :smiley: