1/8" to 1/4" shaft conversions.

I’m looking for ways that roboteers convert from the 1/8" shafts to 1/4" shafts. Most common way that I’ve done it is driving the first set of gears with the 1/8" shaft then using high strength past that. But I think I’ve seen some good conversion ideas here (but can’t seem to find them).

If you have conversion methods that you’ve used, please post them! Thanks!

One way is to put a square insert on one side of a high strength gear with an 1/8" axle, and then “output” on the other side with the desired 1/4" and no insert.

If you have more space, screwing together two gears, driving one with square inserts on both sides and an 1/8" axle, and again having the “output” gear run 1/4", no inserts works even better. This is a simple way to convert on the same axis of rotation. Two 36 tooth gears should suffice, unless you have an extra high level of stress.

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