1 button arm - Either Up at position or Down at position

We are a Vex IQ Team

We have a backlift on our robot. In the Squared Away game it is useful to carry two cubes. The backlift really only needs to be in two states either up enough to carry the cube or down enough to put it down.

We would like to use the same button press it once and it goes up to a set position. Press it again and it goes down to a set position.

I had this sort of working in Robotc with a simple If-Then statement, but it was with two buttons instead of one AND if I pressed down twice for example … my code would get stuck and the robot was immobilized (because it was trying to get the backLift motor to a specific position it couldn’t reach because it was already all the way down).

Does anyone have a simple example of something like that?

Maybe have the two arm positions set and then have a switch case.

U could make it so that every time u press the button, it adds one to a variable. That variable can either be even or odd. Divide the variable by two. If it’s even the remainder will be zero but if it’s odd the remainder will be one. U can correlate lift states to the remainder

You can create a variable to keep track of the button press, and then use a simple if then/else check to see what that variable value is and then move to an encoder value accordingly.

int backLiftUp = 1; //declared as a global variable
if (vexRT[BtnLDown] == 1)
	if (backLiftUp == 0)
		setMotorTarget(backLift, 0, 100);
    backLiftUp = 1;
		setMotorTarget(backLift, 100, 100);
		backLiftUp = 0;

you could use a boolean instead of the int as well.

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Pretty easy to do in blocks as well…


Thanks everyone. Appreciate it. I think I have it working now.

Just a reminder but you might want to change the label from Vex EDR tech support to an IQ one to prevent confusion