1 cone per second reveal

Any criticism is welcome!

Well I don’t think I can criticize that at all, I’m not one to talk. But all I can say is wow. That is some pretty fast stacking!

too op please nerf

In all seriousness , how did you get the chainbar to go so fast? Looks to me like its powered by only 2 motors and it appears to be geared for torque.

If you rubber band the chain bar it helps a lot and the motors are probably internally geared for HS or Turbo. Regardless this is insane. Awesome robot.

its so fast i cant stea-i mean critique, the actual mechanism

Says 1 CPS but stacks 9 cones in 11 seconds. I would probably estimate ~14-16 seconds for 12 cones which makes it one of the fastest robots I’ve seen on youtube but not quite 1CPS yet.
Great job though!

That’s pretty incredible! How does it do in the aspect of fielding cones though?

gotta get that clickbait title :wink:

got eem

Wow. This is amazing! Nice work.

It was definitely way faster at the beginning, so 1 CPS for some amount of time.

How do you control something that fast/precise? Is it just a really good PID or do you have physical limits where it stops?

Is the chainbar tensioned? If so, how? I’ve been trying to tension my teams chainbar but I’ve never managed come up with a satisfactory solution.

Yep. It was 1CPS from 0-5 cones, but I believe that people are doing 0-12 cones to gauge the actual CPS.

I’ve never seen any discussion of that, but I’m sure it’s been said.

In the discord :wink:

Not sure abt discord. But it was mentioned at the beginning of the season. 12 cones simply because that’s the number of matchloads.
And given that for this season, we need to take into account of the lifting speed, the average cones per second seem to make more sense.

Nevertheless, great job… I am impressed… looks like my side will need to do a bit of catching up.

On a side note - looks like it is becoming another nbn-style “speed race”…

True about the speed race. I don’t want this to be another nbn.

Whatever type of claw/intake that is, your driver is very good at controlling it!

based on speed alone, I would guess some sort of passive which is surprising as it is more passives are generally better at fielding and have a hard time readjusting for the match load height while keeping consistency although that is possible fixed by the fact that this passive claw also has a component on the top.

If it’s not that then dang, they got their coding on point because the only way it’s active is if the driver is fluidly combining multiple functions to stack like this