1 motor dr4b?

I’m trying to build a 1 motor dr4b so I can still have a 4 motor drivebase, and 2 motor intake, and 1 motor tilter.
What’s the best way to link both sides to one motor?
Im.thinking of this right now


Oh lol that’s almost exactly what I’m doing! This will be a great example, thanks for sharing!


I liked mounting the motor on one side of my one motor dr4b. and have it run through the center helps a little bits with weight as you have less gears, and less metal Mostly with having a center gear and assembly to hold all that. With a one motor lift you want it to be as light as possible, and I am unsure if one motor is strong enough to lift a tray. Also, why do you have so many gears?

I’m not trying to lift the tray, just the intake.
The extra gears are for a compound ratio.

You should not need a compound ratio, as a 1:7 200 RPM should work, or a 1:7 100 RPM. I am able to lift 4 cubes and a Claw easily with a 100 RPM 1:7 ratio.

I dont have enough 84 tooth gears so I had to go 1:5 .
I compounded the ratio just to be safe