1 motor for 4 wheels vex iq

hi guys, me and my brother are sharing this account.
we need an answer quick to this question
here is the question:
How can we get 1 motor for all 4 wheels on the vex iq robot clutch?
please post the answer ASAP!!
thank you! thxs

Being honest, I’d say you probably can’t do it without completely modifying the drive train and the bot, I could be wrong though

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It can be possible, but your drive can either only drive forward and backwards or only turn left and right. To do both of that, you at least need two motors , one for each side.

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i don’t think that is a very good idea because you won’t be able to turn, if you u whated to do it for whatever crazy reason, you could use the standard drive base with an long axle from edr (which is legal) to connect the two sides

If you have one motor on your drive base, you can only have one degree of freedom… Either forward/backward, turning, or strafing. If you want all three you need three motors.

The long axles are also available through the IQ page.

To quibble, with the right mechanism you could get one straight direction (forwards or backwards, but not both) and one turning direction (left or right, but not both). It wouldn’t be great, though, as it would take forever to get anywhere.


now ive never made a transmission before so correct me if im wrong but wouldn’t you have to have the one motor that powers everything and then another motor to switch between turning and driving straight, which would then defeat the purpose of a one motor drive train and would just be easier to have a two motor drive train?

Not necessarily - with some clever ratcheting you could, for example, build a drivetrain that causes the robot to drive forward when the motor spins clockwise, and turn right when the motor spins counter-clockwise. Thus you have both front-to-back motion and turning with a single motor, but only in one direction each.


Okay then, a mechanism is possible that goes left or right when slow and forwards or back when fast.


It would have to change the gearing via centrical force. Only thing I can think of

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i think a ratchet would be better for a mechanisim like @holbrook

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Update - I was digging through some old web pages and found an example of a mechanism like what I described above built from LEGO components - might be useful for inspiration if people are looking to do this with IQ parts.


The challenge here was to design a robot that could “remove all the snow” (2x2 LEGO bricks) from a circular area, in other words, drive over as much of it as possible. The set these kids were using only came with one motor and a battery box so it was necessary for a mechanism like this to be used.

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@FlyingRobot2917X, we use 1 controller for it to move

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