1 Motor Lift Vs 2 Motor Lift (discussion)

Hello Forum,
I’ve been doing a lot of surfing on the Vex Forum and I’m hearing a lot about using a 1 motor lift.
A two motor lift gives me more balance, speed, and torque. Why would I want a 1 motor lift?
This is, for all intents and purposes, a “change my mind” post.

The only reason for a one motor lift is because the other motor is needed elsewhere, which is a perfectly valid reason, as one v5 motors can power almost all lifts.


Imo lifts absolutely should have 2, speed in the lifts is going to be of paramount importance this year

Six motor drive base is gonna be a necessity as well, though. The question is which need outweighs the other.

“Necessity” is highly debatable

For one 2 motor lifts do not naturally give more balance than 1 motor lifts. 1 motor lifts tend to be more balanced than 2 motor ones due to the necessity of powering the lift from the center and running shafts to the side of the lift. This is something that I combated in TP with my 2 motor DR4B, which was way too overpowered, and could have easily run on a single motor, and what @Connor capitalized on with his V5 lift bot.