1 motor lift

Hi all. I am just wondering if this type of lift could be used with only 1 motor(the lift that grabs the alliance mobo). It is used with 2 motors, but my bot only has 1 left. It is not this exact design but the same type. *Be aware the music has explicit words

Video Link >

Our team made this prototype that only uses 1 motor.

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Ok. so would you think that what we have(It is like what is in the video) would work with just 1 motor? We have a good builder and designer, so we will take any ideas if anyone has any. We are just really close to a tournament, so we have time to put it on and tweak it a bit, but we want to be sure it will work before we do.

You can just about do anything with one motor… a heavier work load (more torque needed) can be accomplished as long as it is done slower. Speed and Strength are inversely proportional, so if one motor isn’t strong enough, change the gear ratio to make it happen slower. If it takes twice as long it will be done with twice the torque.


Ok. We have the high torque cartridges, so we will try to use one of those, but otherwise we will just try it.

The high torque motor gear cartridge (red) will help, however you may also need a larger gear ratio: 1 to 7 will probably do, but you may need a compound gear ratio 1 to 3 & 1 to 5 (for a 1 to 15).

Ok. I will talk to my builder and see what we can do. Thank you for the help!

This lift is using 1m. not two. They have two lifts, each use 1m. 6m drive, 1m lift, 1m lift. rest pneumatics.

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I’ve edited the OP to remove the video embed, and changed it to an external link.


Holy. How do they get a 4 bar that good that works so well

Also, the shorter your lift, the lesser a load than a longer lift because the goal has less leverage on the driving system. Make sure that your lift will be tall enough with shortened arms to reach the platform.

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You can run 1:7 with a 200rpm cartridge with 1m and still lift goals fine.

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I was talking about the other lift

even 1;5 if you do it right tbh

Ok. I did not even realize it, but 2145z uses high strength axels. So, we are going to try that as it might be a little easier.

For one motor I’d recommend using a high strength axel so that nothing twists or breaks (I had that problem while making my mogo lifter, and it made a screw bit)

Oh never mind I didn’t read the post above this one

if it is a 4 bar then you have to use a 1:7 gear ratio but if it is just a small front lift then you should use a 1:6 gear ratio so yes it would work

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