1 Motor MOGO Ideas

Does anyone have an idea for a one motor mobile goal lift that is compact.

Yeah a 4 bar

We need it to be very compact.

We need a 3 bar 1 motor idea

I have a 5:1 with one speed motor, just a simple 3 bar

Look at the fuzzy wuzzy X Knight shift reveal:

Their mogo lift is compact

Can you send a picture?

Yeah, I have seen that video , I just wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas

I don’t have any ideas right now. I probably could come up with some if I thought about it, but I can’t even do that because college application stuff and finishing my robot in 1 day and stuff.
But you said your old one was inefficient, can you elaborate? Was it too large, did it use too many motors, or did it drop mogos accidentally etc.

Too large

And was actually passive

Well then you should make it active definitely. 1:7 would work good, sorry I don’t have any pictures. That’s pretty much all I got, see if you can figure it out

Ok thanks

My team had ran a 7:1 Gear ratio lift for most of the year and it worked effectively but we still ended up changing our design for a different form of one motor lift. 7:1 is the most effective way to make a 1 motor mobile goal intake and it is the simplest kind of intake.

I have a small 1:5 four bar, very compact.

A four bar is definitely the way to go. It may be large due to the four mounting points required, but the added consistency over something like a chain bar is well worth adjusting other parts of your design.

I can confirm this. Our chainbar snapped quite a few times during the last competition (when we ran into things). A four bar is also slightly easier to build than a chainbar (bent axles, lockbars, the such are a lot less common on 4-bars)

rubber band it to aid the lift when going up so the motor doesnt need to be as geared and it doesnt get overloaded

We attempted to make a helicopter. It was a high torque motor with a 1 to 47 gear ratio attached to a 1 by. We turned all of the axles into drill bits. The motor overheated too quick so we replaced it with a drill.

Still trying to understand how this applies to a mogo lift…

Did you make a body for the helicopter? /s