1 motor running at 40x speed of other 3?

I’m using vex code iQ blocks (any chance you need beta testers for IQ text?).

My current bot is a testbed for a stair-climbing bot. It’s the first one I’ve used 4 motors for. I noticed right away that one of the motors was running a lot faster than the other 3. I abandoned the drive train in blocks so I could set velocity independently. Using 1% velocity on that motor, the others run about even with it if they are set to 40%. There doesn’t seem to be a friction issue with the others.

I ordered a new motor, and if I have to, I’ll use the super fast one just for a radar (sonar really) mount.

But is there any way to check the motor, or maybe reset it? All 4 motors updated today to latest firmware (but same result as before).

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The control panel on the IQ brain will tell you how fast the motors are running, have you looked at that?

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Hadn’t looked at that.

When I do that, 3 motors show about 95 RPMs. The problem motor shows 0 everywhere (but it IS spinning).

broken encoder.
replace the motor.


Thanks, I’ll send it in for a replacement.