#1 Programming Skills Ranking in the world

Last Saturday (January 30th, 2016), our team scored 63 high goals and 1 low goal for the total score of 316 points in the one minute Programming Skills Challenge at Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. This score is currently the number one ranked score in the world. Though this is quite the achievement, we hope to keep working towards higher scores. We’re sorry about the low camera quality, we were too concerned about getting our best score, rather than filming it.

316 Programming Skills Run:

Isn’t that 63 balls in the high goal? 31 is only one color. You moved to the other color and made 32 more. Great job!!

I see the bottom of both nets are open. This is an illegal field setup. It is possible that with a legal field balls would have not gone into the net. I doubt with how much 32 balls fills the net that you will have an issue with the score being counted but in some skills runs and matches this is something that changes the outcome quite a lot.

Either way I am really happy to see a Nevada team high on the leader board. :slight_smile: I was one of the first members of 918 and then founded 64 at Clark.

Wow, that is very impressive. Going off your game scores, I’m assuming you can shoot full field in a real game. to make your robot work for the skills(adjacent) shot, how did you modify your shooter? Did you just remove a couple elastics?

Yup you’re definitely right, we scored 63 balls in the high goal. The typo has been changed, sorry about that and thank you very much!

Regarding the bottom of the nets, we have participated in three robotics competitions with the bottoms open, in skills and regular competition, and they were all regulated by a REC Foundation representative. However, the amount of balls scored in Nevada matches have never been enough to fill a high goal net, had the bottoms been closed. I can’t seem to find the ruling in the manual on the bottom of the nets, so if someone does find it, we will gladly notify all further competitions in the area. Thank you for the support though!

That was answered in a Q&A, here. It wouldn’t make a significant (causing balls to miss the goal and be unscored) difference with 32 balls in a net, I’m fairly certain, so it should be fine.

Edit: I made a semantic error; balls would slightly affect the shape of the net opening, the tension on the mesh, and a few other things which alter the interaction of the ball with the net.

Any amount of balls in a net will weigh it down, modifying how incoming balls interact with the goal. The bottom of the net should be closed, as the link specifies.

When I said it wouldn’t make a difference, I think I phrased it poorly. I should have said, “It wouldn’t cause balls to miss the goal or bounce out.” The main concern with open vs. closed nets is the net filling up, causing balls to bounce out. However, 32 balls is not enough to cause balls to begin bouncing out of the net off other balls, and the weight of 32 balls definitely will not significantly affect the interaction between a ball and the net. I’ve never seen that happen, actually, although I have seen balls bounce out of a net. And yes, I know the net should have been closed, however, I was expressing my opinion regarding the acceptance of the 316 score as official, just in case someone decided to make that an issue. It was when people were confused as to the matter of moving between loading zones to use the match loads, and the scores when robots were not required to move between loading zones were not accepted officially, and the scores did not count for top 30 in the world.

Good job guys! Yal did a great job and have a great robot! Don’t worry about these people attacking you about field specifications, what happened happened and you gave a great explanation and have a great attitude. Congrats!

Awesome job, congrats!

Great job on scoring the highest score in programming skills.

I wonder if anyone will be able to beat it this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys did a fantastic job on that run! I’m sure your programming and building crews spent a really long time (probably easier to measure in days than hours) perfecting the launcher power and getting that driving bit down. The way you guys made sure the robot was aimed at the net by driving into the corner, especially the way the movements were choreographed, made me watch the transition again. I thought a driver was controlling the robot, it was so smooth and accurate. As a programmer myself, I know it’s the little things that make the biggest differences overall. As far as your launcher, and tuning it for the shorter shot distance, is the reduced number of elastics the only change, or do you replace a gearbox to increase the fire rate further? If not, have you considered doing so?
Also, sorry if I came off as rude, curt, or otherwise disrespectful earlier. I didn’t do that intentionally, I was writing in a slight hurry, and didn’t express myself at all well.

I saw the youtube video and was really impressed!

I have a question for tabor473: the way the field is set up is often out of our control. I have been in events where one net is open on the bottom and one is closed. We often don’t even realize this until the match has started. It seems really unfair to penalize a team because the organizers of an event don’t know the rules and how to properly set up a field.

Yeah, in this video we changed the rubber bands for actual comptetiton and for skills. But now we have a secret technique so we don’t have to change bands.

Would this secret technique involve adding standoffs/other parts that allows for the ball to sit farther forward so that the puncher makes contact with the ball for less time?

That isn’t it, but that seems like a good idea.

Is it alright if we see your linear punch design? Our team seemed to lose power when running it for a while. We can shoot just as fast but It is a little clunky.

Your loss of power most likely has to do with your rubber bands losing elasticity from being stretched a lot.

By Loss of power I mean the motors don’t shoot and pull back as rapidly. The rubber bands are just as bad so do you have any suggestions to that as well?