#1 Soda/Drink!!

Whats your favorite soda or drink choose from list or tell us your own

What it is! You forgot Mr.Pibb/Dr.Pepper/Dr.Lightning/Dr.Thunder/Dr.Cola

I love sprite!:cool:

i know ppl hate when i forget some flavors but i try to include the most good ones
dr pepper is kinda good
but i should have remembered mr pibb b/c i like root beer and it is like it srry

no way did you forget mt dew!:mad:

oh :eek: **** im am not awake today i forgot not just mt dew but :frowning: also vault someone plz smack me in the face and tell me to wake up!!

mountain dew all the way but my other favorites are pepsi, coke ,sprite ,vault, mello yello

mt dew sucks, rootbeer is the way to go, and pepsi is way better than coke whats with that 30% difference?!?!?!?!:wink:

That’s b/c most people think that its the other way around

ale8 is the only real pop there is

water, almond milk, and green tea, sodas makes me sick:eek:

Wheres the root beer thats the best.:smiley: :cool: :cool:

yah really thats what i said:D

What state is your team going to for compition:D :confused: :confused:

im going to a provincial (im in canada) tournament in ontario
which one for you?

Georgia and North Carolina:D :cool: :cool: