1 to 5 Gear Ratios

I have a 1-5 gear ratio on my arms right now with six motors. Its slightly weak and not what i would expect from six motors even though it is 1-5. I am thinking i need to go in and check all the motors to see if everything is running right and to make sure they are all definitely torque motors. Does anybody who has a successful 1-5 gear ratio for their towers have any other advice to help make it a little stronger or something thanks.

Posting a picture would be helpful, a 1:5 6 motor lift should be perfect for this game. Would have to see the way you built it in order to help out. It is possible that your claw/dumper or whatever you’re using is too heavy and is slowing down your arm.

Do you mean weak structurally or power wise?

I can get that picture on here in a couple hours. Doing school at the moment just cant get my mind off it. Yeah i took that into consideration. The whole robot is made out of aluminum. It just has a claw on it and we have rubber band assist also which is why i am a little confused why it would not work. the only thing attached to the arm is a claw and that is all aluminum also at least all the metal that is on it.

It is not structurally weak at least not from where i can see.it just struggles to raise up with anything over four stars at the moment. We have a power expander on it and fresh batteries when we ran it. The arm is on a different battery than everything else on the robot so t has its own power source.

We too have a 6 motor 1:5 lift, and don’t have trouble with lifting or hanging. I would recommend splitting your motors up between the 2 circuits on the cortex and the power expander. All that draw on one battery might be making it weak. We have 2 on ports 1-5, 2 on 6-10, and 2 on the power expander.

much appreicated! Ill try that out thanks.

Is it 5:1 or 1:5 (AKA is it geared for speed or torque)? We are using 6 high strength motors with 5:1 gear ratio geared for torque and haven’t had many problems. I would suggest checking your spacing to see if there’s too much friction and make sure your towers have at least two points of connection so it is structurally secure. Also, depending on what lift you are using, try adding rubber bands so the arm can help keep itself up without straining the motors too much.

it is 1:5 all the way down with six motors. theres no friction in the spacing. We checked that yesterday and its all sound. it is a two bar but its a special/weird two bar. thanks

I guess one more question, do you have any idler gears in the assembly? Our 6 motors drive 4 12 tooth gears that directly drive our 60 tooth arm gears. I found lots of torque on idlers gives a bit of resistance, if you are trying to spread out the motors vertically.

It is 1:5 torque setup. 12 tooth pinion driving the 60 tooth HS gear.

Power expander should help a lot, didn’t think you guys weren’t using one. For the future, always use a power expander.

we are using one

hmm, this is an interesting issue then. How many stars are you able to launch over with no problems?

four is alright and then after that it struggles. After school today Im going to go into the lab and try to fix it some more. I was just compiling a list of ideas from here so i can try multiple things

Honestly four stars sounds about right for a 1:5 geared lift. Is it just struggling or does it not pick up the stars at all? If you aren’t hanging make the elastic assist stronger.

Our 1:5 can pick up 6 stars but we have soent a lot of time reducing friction

Our 1:5 lift with 4 motors can pick up 2 cubes an a star… Something isn’t right here. Pics?

My best guess would be that one or two of your lift motors aren’t working. We’ve had nothing but bad luck running more than four motors into a power expander. Tried it once in skyrise and blew it. Disconnect your 60 tooth gear and make sure all of your motors are working first.

Try changing the positions of the rubber bands, we had the exact same situation 6 motor 1:5, and it turns out the way we had our rubber bands they were doing very little to actually help the lift.