10 hs motors

Do you think teams that plan to use 10 hs motors will have a problem in sack attack? What problems will you think they will have?
Will there be stalling problems? Or will the battery drain to much?

First of all, I don’t see HOW you would use 10 hs motors…
you’re only allowed 4 393 motors…

In SACK ATTACK you can!

teams will have few issues if they use EXTREME caution while using 10 393 motors. the 393s pull more current from the cortex so they will trip the internal breakers of the cortex much faster than while using 6 269s and 4 393s.

Nice advertising ploy lol. We are only going to use around 6 393’s next year. You won’t need 10…

The good teams won’t follow restrictions that simply don’t exist. If you say that you’re going to use 4 HS motors, I think you’ll find yourself bested by a team that has efficiently figured how to use more.

  • Sunny G.

The extra HS motors will be useful for H-drives, as it’s unlikely that you’ll stall both the forward and strafe motors at the same time.

hmm, you all remember the “only rich teams can do well now” argument a few years back?

definitely true now…

I disagree.

Rich teams have an advantage by having a lot of resources for extremely awesome things. Take the Poofs in FRC they build simply the most stunning robots in the league. I’m not attacking its an example I don’t know what their budget is, just to be clear. But then look at somewhat established FRC teams or even rookie FRC teams. Not all of them would be considered “rich” by any scale in FRC it just depends on how you pull your resources, how clever and innovative you are with design, and how good of a strategy you can pull off.

Personally I have been on what was a poor team. The 1902 in my username does have significance. That was my FRC team. First year we made it to finals our division in 2006. Our robot was primarily a defensive bot. It did not score in the highest scoring position, budget was very low to start out (compared to now) with but then we made it to worlds and it exponentially grew due to the amazing success. 2007. Finals of worlds. After that the budget increased to really high for even FRC teams.

But my point is poor teams, aren’t always at the disadvantage. There can be some lurking in the shadows that you wouldn’t expect to be nearly as amazing as you think they are.


If a poor (in terms of dollars) team can show improving results throughout a season/seasons, they can use this to drive their sponsorship/funding initiatives. I’ve seen it work quite successfully for a few teams. Many of, no wait, all of the NZ teams started out with very little in terms of funding. Many still have very little in terms of funding. But results improve every year, and on average, more money slowly comes into vex robotics nationwide.

This would be simple, use ports 1 2 3 and 8 9 10 in the cortex as motors (because they would be on different circuit breakers) and get a power expander and plug it into ports 4 5 6 7 to run the other 4 HS motors.

2919A said
using more than 6 high power motors is dangerous
10 will instantly trip your breakers on your cortex
6 hs are safe with the rest being 269`s



SACK attack challenge we will have 3 people 2 a team so we will work harder to do everything so i may be on another team




Richard P


HS motors are heavy and dense. 60 lb robots can make use of them as ballast,
and also maybe trade off between powering them so the motor PTC or thermal limits don’t get triggered.

Robots optimized for light weight may not want the extra weight of HS motors, particularly mounted high on the tower.