10 second feild disconnect during RR finals.

Hello all, this is the team captain from team 9065s, and i’d like to take a moment to inform you of the goings on at worlds finals. During match number 1, we lost, however there was a sketchy call by the refs when 166666 got pushed over. While i can debate wether that should be a dq or not all day, i think the ref made a fair and stressful call under the circumstances. HOWEVER, during match number 2 about 0:55 seconds in there was a 10 second disconnect, on both red teams. While the blue team had pulled ahead prior to that point, we were mounting a comeback, and then we dc’ed. During the dc we shook our controllers at the feild tecs and they certainly knew about it. When we spoke to the feild techs after the match to contest it. They informed us the reason there woild be no replay was rhat it was not a feild fault, it qas our controllers. After that they refused to acknowledge or listen to anything we had to say. What do you guys think, shoild the match have been replayed, what about the call in the first match. And no, i have no doubt that the other teams were extremlt talented in their robots, but i wish they won on more fair ground.

Did you ever look at the lights on the remote or the field tower, if you did what color were the lights.

I think that’s absurd and that is almost impossible that both controllers would disconnect at the exact same time for the same amount of time.

@Tylennis, no we were kinda in the middle of something :slight_smile: +what @9364F said

There are documented cases of it happening. Not sure why (I agree it seems like a really absurd thing) but a I guess it has something to do with how vexnet works It’s very likely that field control would randomly disable 1 alliance for 5 seconds. That’s not to say that the match shouldn’t have been replayed

I was just asking, and the first thing I do when I lose control I always check the lights.

I had the exact same thing during a qualification match, It is due to wifi interference if the wifi get to the field control both controllers will disconnect. There were 20+ wifi hotspots during the finals so I am not surprised this happened to you and the rules state that if it not the problem of the field or the Refs they don’t have to do a replay of the match. Hope this helps

I hope the new v5 (2018-2019) will take care of some of these issues with wifi.

Seriously. A communication system that has issues with WiFi is not practical in the modern era…

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I’m just going to link this again.

TM would not disable one alliance if somehow affected by WiFi interference.
It’s “extremely” unlikely that both alliance robots would suffer VEXnet dropouts at exactly the same time.

A bad cable or connector on the joystick for one alliance robot can disable both robots on the alliance, that’s the most likely explanation, but without more information (what were driver station leds showing etc.) I doubt you will ever know.

That’s the conclusion I came to. Very unfortunate for the teams.

Because the field control is unidirectional TM has no idea if teams are connected or not. It’s a simple system with no feedback and unless the field tech visually identifies a fault then it’s always going to be pinned on wireless interference or robots/code. FRC and FTC have connectivity logs making it possible to determine what happened. The VEX system is really basic and just works but you’re stuck with the occasional unexplained disconnection as a result. Would be interesting to know if V5 has facility for bidirectional field control communication.

Any explanation for why 86868 lost connection too?

Did they disconnect in the same match?


Disconnected at the same time for the same duration as the red alliance.

I just watched again and they do seem to, but the fourth robot keeps running and that pretty much rules out field control. They do seem to run for an extra second or so, it’s very hard to tell from the video what happened.

Regardless, 3 of the 4 robots on the field lost connection, you can see the Blue team looking down at their remote wondering what was happening. After all the work these kids put into getting to this point, they should have re-played the match.

I noticed it as soon as it happened for the Red at Worlds. but didn’t notice Blue until now.

Two issues are at question here. Let’s address the easiest one first. The DQ was absolutely the right call. There is zero question about that. The rules are clear and so were the actions. I have no dog in the fight, but when I saw it happen, I knew right then that this would end up in a DQ if the hording bot alliance did not somehow win.

The second one is a bit tougher. Vexnet has its issues and it is always frustrating when these things happen. Personally, I think if there is as likely a chance it was field control as not, it should be re-run. There is not enough info here to make that judgment.

But what do you think field control did that would be cause for the match to be re-run?

I don’t even know that it was the field control. However, if both sides had issues with connectivity at the exact same time it is hard to blame it on one team/alliance side. So they should re-run it.