100% Guaranteed Win

I was doing some math and I came to the conclusion that scoring 23 points in any configuration was enough for a win. Worst case scenario, you have to beat someone who has two center parked robots, got the auton bonus, and has all the points you didn’t score. without the cap and flag points, that gives them 16 points with up to 29 up for grabs. if you score 23 of those points then that leaves them with 22, guaranteeing a win. Did I miss anything?

EDIT: I bring this up because this means that it should be relatively impossible for a robot who can do flags to lose to two robots that can’t. The high flags easily available during auton constitute a 10 point swing with the opportunity to score another 10, while the caps only present the opportunity to descore 2 points and score another 7. So, the flag robot wins auton. with the auton bonus they’ll need an extra 4 points to win because of the lack of a point swing (just realized this). But they have the bonus 4 and all of the high flags (because the opponents can’t descore them), so the flag bot has 16 points. If they get even a low park each (which they should because they will not have to rescore anything) that’s 22 points, which means that they only need 2 high scored caps or a single center park to win (assuming a red center park precludes two blue center parks).

EDIT 2: This ignores defensive play, which can be significant, but will make it harder for the defensive team to secure all of the caps they need to come close to winning.

Interesting. I have not had the time to do these calculations, so thanks for the free info :slight_smile: I guess this is correct, but most bots (especially at worlds) will be able to reach the flags. As such, I think that none of the points are safe for the whole game. I think this is the point. Unlike ITZ, where once you scored a stack it became safe, this game has no certain points.

This is 23 points without parking. If you only score 20 w/ field and auto, then 1 robot parks, the opponents will be left with 13 points left on the field. If they score all of these and double park on the center you’ll lose 25 - 23. Extremely unlikely, but possible. 29 is the threshold for unbeatable, because 45 is the max for an individual team, plus the double center park for the opposing alliance which results in a 57 total points to be scored. Half of this is 28.5, round up to 29 points and the max your opponent can score is 28.

How do you plan on center parking 4 robots simultaneously?

How can you each the flags during auton? You are not allowed to go over into the opposing alliance’s side, and the way the flags are positioned (neutral) in the beginning makes it really hard to hit from anywhere on your side.

That’s just the mathematical requirement, meaning once you hit that value there is no way to beat you. Of course, it’s not like this is really true because points can be removed. So you can never just get to some point and have any guarantee of not losing.

The middle column of flags are neutral and the left and right column are scored for blue and red respectively at the beginning of the match. The neutral flags are positioned so that the red flag faces the blue side and the blue flag faces the red side so they should be fairly easy to score from either side.

That’s not the autonomous rule. You can reach across the line. So you should be able to at least toggle the lower one even if not designed to do so. Angles will make scoring the far flags hard.

@jwwood13 and @callen, I checked the documentation and yeah I was wrong. I keep thinking the blue and red sides are flipped for some reason