100 rpm motor

My 100 rpm is very weak any thoughts??

define weak. weaker than normal? if you’re trying to direct drive something like a lift yeah it will be weak. you still need gear ratios for most applications


Agreed what is your use case?

My students recently had a motor that was running “weak” . When running a 200rpm motor from the v5 device menu without a load it was topping out at about 160. They found that when the cartridge had been changed, the screws on the motors had been overtightened to the point that they were beginning to strip. Once the screws were loosened up, the motor was able to reach 200 again.

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Our school has also encountered a motor that was about 1/4 as strong as it should have been, and I chalk it up to the actual brushed motor wearing out from strain.

It’s for our tilter 20char

If an unusual noise occurs, it could be because there is a broken tooth of one of the inner gears in the motor. This forces you to replace the cartridge.