1008M Robot Reveal

Not shown in video:

  • ~30 point Programming skills
  • Tilted tower
  • Unique star knocker
  • 8 different autonomous routines:
    • Back 3 Stars (Left/Right)
    • Cube (Left/Right)
    • Corner Star (Left/Right)
    • Super (Cube & 3 Stars) (Left/Right)

Awesome Robot!
Why the tilted tower?

For a non-offset 4-bar, this gives you a few more degrees of motion. Although there might be another advantage that I’m not aware of.

Impressive bot! How do you split controls between the two remotes?

For a wider degree of motion as @discovery mentioned, and for the fact that it distributes the weight on the chassis. At one point we could hang with it too and it got us closer to the pole.

The drive is on one with the claw and lift on the other.

@theEqualizer Awesome robot! I love your anti tips. Are they solely gravity operated?

The anti rock is purely gravity, but the anti tip is aided with a tiny bit of rubber band to make sure it pops out.

We got finalist with 1008M, fantastic team, can’t wait to see what they can do with the new bot!

We’ll be at the Mid American Center tonight hope to see you guys as well.

We were division finalists in the black division with 1045A and 7232X. Unfortunately we had ran out of fresh batteries and our robot ended up overloading in division final 3 after trying to muscle 2019F with our lift. We plan to redistribute our ports for our lift motors as they were all on the power expander. There won’t be any major changes except for tweaks for Worlds.

Nice bot and great auto. It was great working with you at US Open. Look out for these guys at Worlds they will surprise you.

Great robot and great reveal. Thanks for picking us at the Open last week. We had a great time competing with you guys and making it to the division finals. Can’t wait to see you guys at worlds and hope we can work together again in the future.

Thanks! Can’t wait to see you guys too. We found what seems to have been the problem. We had a shaft in our lift that was bent.