1039A Worlds Reveal

6 motor high speed drive;
4 motor 35:1 flywheel;
1 motor flywheel feeder (Top intake tread);
1 motor ball collector (bottom intake treads & elastic intake);
40 point autonomous score;
4 BPS front court shooting;
3 BPS mid court shooting;
1.5 BPS full court shooting;
1000 lines of code using 7 sensors;

This is my first reveal video and first time at Worlds (Also first time in the States).
I hope you enjoy the video:

Great reveal! I was hoping to see one from you. Although I was really confused at the start of the video with that catapult. :o

I’m a bit biased, but I really hope you win.

Make the Comox Valley proud!

Awesome robot. That autonomous is so smooth to. Good luck at worlds!

The catapult you saw at the beginning of the video was the first robot I built for NBN in June. Glad you liked the video.

What happened the robot at the beggining?

I took that robot apart before I started work on the one I currently have, which was in early September.

Oh, the first one just looked really cool, and it was a “piston” like something (i like pistons!)