1045A Heartland Regionals

Beat teams from Iowa and Nebraska qualifying us for the World Championship.

What is your Motor distribution?

@6715b we have a 6 motor turbo drive. 4 motor lift 1:7 and a 2 motor 1:7 claw.

Thanks, no wonder your robot is so quick.

Thanks for posting these videos and congratulations on winning! You guys are by probably the best front dumper on the internet right now and are probably better than most back dumpers.

Nebraska and Iowa are more competitive than ever this year. Look out for this 1045A Legion of Doom team at US Open and Worlds. Maybe design convergence isn’t such an unstoppable force this year.

May I ask what size wheels you guys are using? I’m pretty sure they’re omni wheels but I can’t tell if it’s the large (4 inches) or medium sized (3.25 inches) omni wheels

We use the 3.25 inch wheels

Hmmm, we use the same gear ratio with four motors and don’t really have stalling problems. It will be interesting when a great front dumper goes against a great back dumper, as they are each other’s worst nightmare based on where they drop objects.