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Check out our matches on youtube. We will be releasing a reveal video soon.
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Nice robot, I like the simplicity of the design. Also cool to see front dumpers still operating a high level.

1045a is one of the best of Nebraska.

Just curious what does you locking mechanism entail?

I really love how fast the drive is! What gearing and high size is that?

Huh, I hadn’t really thought too much of a front dumper until recently. This is potentially changing my mind. Of course, this isn’t a highly competitive match, but most robots struggle picking up objects right against the fence, which is exactly where you pick them up from and exactly where you place them. That could be extremely strong in more competitive matches.

The issue with front dumpers is that while competitive in matches, it begins to fail in skills where scoring in the far zone is imperative. This is a one of the main reasons I turned away from side rollers; even though they had a huge potential to be successful in match play, in skills they were lackluster. Great robot though; definitely a very competitive robot in matches!

Nice to see other forwards facing claws, Is that a turbo drive?

We clear the field in driver skills

Yeah 6 motor turbo drive

Definitely. The only trophy I want is tournament champion.

We have rubber bands on the claw drop down and a hinge that pulls it down. Then there are spacers on the back of the claws gear box that hit a 5C channel on the lift. That keep it straight.

We have a 6 motor turbo drive. 4 motor 7:1 lift and 2 motor 7:1 claw.

Not the best driving but the hardest qualification match we had against team 8675A. We ended up choosing them as our first pick and we won the tournament. thttps://youtu.be/qhF_KdNTaTk