1064 robot

you guys have a two speed transmission?


Nice robot… mine is going for a similar concept (clawbot, vertical lift), but executed a little differently.


not bragging but this robot has only lost two matches this season.:cool:

Looks like a very nice, mechanically solid robot.

I do have to ask what the reasoning was behind using a claw? Personally I think being able to pick up only one object this year is a huge disadvantage.

but our speed is amazing that’s on a half dead battery and in low gear so we are really fast. so in the amount of time it takes one robot to pick up all the elements we score just as many if that makes since?

it looks nice and congrats on the only 2 losses but how well do you think it will compete against the new zealand designs? and the only problem i see it that you can never win the 20" goal battle only tie

I would also be concerned about your inability to score in the opposing 20 inch goal from your own isolation zone as that is a huge deal this year as well. Also, I think you believe your speed to be faster than it actually is. Many robots who have a greater capacity can fill a 30 inch goal in under 10 seconds including pick up time. Also it only requires one trip to the goal and one time lifting. That being said, I like how solidly built and designed your robot is and I like the idea of being able to shift gears.

if we have speed and open our claw we can toss elements over

thank you we are considering making something like 3008 or syntax error for the pick up

Yeah, I just really think you need to be able to pick up more than one object for this game, no matter how fast your robot is. A robot that is half as fast as your’s in every way but with a ramp intake will be able to score faster than it, due to its ability to pick up 3-4 objects or more.

However, I do think you have implemented a claw design as well as it can be done for gateway (without modifying for larger capacity), so well done on that.

thanks like i said im working on something to hold more:)

Re: only 2 losses:
Congratulations! Mine hasn’t competed yet… (we took apart the robot who competed at the competition in my signature)

Re: only picking up one at a time:
I was thinking about this, and decided it isn’t such a bad thing. As long as you can pick up and score really fast, you’ll be fine… “NZ” robots tend to spend a long time picking up pieces, but leaving the goals open for scoring.

Hey! That’s my idea! :stuck_out_tongue:


A well built side-mounted intake can be just as efficient if not more than a gripper. Also a ramp-and-intake design usually spends more time on the floor because it is picking up multiple pieces. My robot is capable of holding 5 game objects in a worse case scenario (ball, ball, ball, ball, ball) and we find that we save time scoring in the 30", 20", and any other goal by not having to lower our ramp completely to the ground.

Oh and a ramp-and-intake design can also pick up just one game object and score that one, not leaving the goals open for scoring.

Agreed. However, I see most ramp/intake teams default to collecting as many pieces as possible, and then scoring. While this can be trained out of drivers, the majority don’t use their ramp/intake to its full potential.

Is this an example of using a collector better than hoarding a lot of your object color? We only got a max of 2 objects at a time.


While in some cases filling up the ramp completely is not ideal, in most situations it is. If you have 4 or 5 objects around you with 1-3 goals around, it is always more efficient to pick up all 4 or 5 objects before scoring. It is important to balance the amount of time you spend lifting with the amount of time you spend driving to the pieces, but overall it is better to take advantage of your capacity unless you are in very specific scenarios.

just out of curiosity how fast is your drive train? because in the video it appeared to be pretty slow. And since you are limited to 1 capacity, the amount of time you spend lifting the arm is pretty significant. I would doubt that you can score faster than some of the ramp designs out there.

First off, congratulations on your team’s awesome track record this season! It looks like you guys have spent a lot of time working on your robot – it looks very well built and fairly optimized.

Despite this, I’d have to agree with some of the others on the strategy aspect of this robot. To sacrifice a continuous feed (such as the side feed, top feed [NZ Bots :D]), the only way to make up for that efficiency is to have an outrageously fast drivetrain and lift combination (Currahee from Round Up comes to mind). Because of the way game objects are laid out this year, unlike the stacks from last year, you’d have to make up for the inefficiency of only being able to grab one object at a time with a FAST gearing on large wheels (1.6:1 +) and a slightly faster lift. If you guys plan to stick with your current design, I would recommend rethinking motor distribution to make all the components run a bit faster, or rethink your strategy.

Well done, and good luck in the future!

Wow… If we make it to Worlds I do not want to go up against you. Our robot may have the advantage of immense power, but your speed and precision would decimate us in a match.