1064A robot

tell me what you think. Ask questions.

Q1: Is that a 3-stage lift?
Q2: Pneumatics for the claw, or what?
Q3: How much does it weigh?


Cool bot! How does the claw work. Our team(1200A) made a three stage lift and it could reach 56 inches at the top of the intake. It was a little to high for this years game and two stage is high enough.

Great looking bot. I have a question though. How many motors do you have on you lift? Our team is making a lift very similar and we would like to get an idea of how many motor we may need to lift the tiers.

So, multi-stage lift, and a pnuematic claw.

Looks good!

Do you have any videos of it?

We have a robot with a claw similar to that that works really well

Whats the purpose of the diagonal chain?
Your upper hexbar claw extentions would be solider if they were bolted through both sides of the C channel claw.
I’d like to see more details of the claw.

It appears that the diagional chain and motors on the far middle back are actually part of a single chain path drivetrain with 4 motors per side (presumably 2 more on the sprockets between wheels.) I can’t really see where else that chain would be comming from or what it would be used for. You can also see the lift motors which are further forward relative to the robot.

It looks very solidly built. How fast is it?

Pretty cool robot, good on you for posting a picture. I’ll convince my team to do that as well after our competition saturday.

How much does it weigh?
How fast does the arm lift up to the 30" goal?
Does it reach the 30"goal?
How fast is your drive train?

Thanks :smiley:

alright… it weights about 25 pounds. the three tier lift goes 52 inches in 3 seconds it reaches the 30 in about 2. there is a transmission on it which is pneumatic powerd the claw works with a double acting piston. if i missed any thing let me know. i can post videos after Saturday.:rolleyes:

That is what we did also. Give out pictures AFTER our most recent competition to surprise the other teams.

Do you have a YouTube channel I could subscribe to?

no but i can and will make one so i can post videos of both of my bots

Wow, that is a good looking robot! What on your lift what kind of gearing setup do you use for the motors on the lift? At the North meet I noticed that your robot lifts very quickly.

That’s a very solid robot!!! How many motors are on the drive-train? Also, have you won any competitions with the robot? Keep up the good work!!

Our drive has 4 motors our lift 6 motors. we have won every com we have gone to :slight_smile: for more pictures send me a message

What’s your average match score?

alone 25 ish but with a team mate im not sure

Do you have any 393’s? If so, where?

4 of them on our drive. It goes through the transmission to the chain