1069E Presents: Chaos Theory

Team 1069E is proud to present Chaos Theory.
(Finally decided to jump onto the reveal wagon!)

-4 Motor high speed drive

-Dual function intake, capable of managing buckyballs and large balls simultaneously

-14 Unique, high scoring autonomous programs

-Can hold 3 buckyballs and 2 large balls

-Defensive capabilities

-Can stash large balls quickly, thanks to a unique intake design

-Top mounted roller allows for quick pickup of buckyballs and secure grasping of large balls

Can’t wait to see all of you at worlds! Come visit our pit, we will be handing out business cards.

i love the bot :smiley:

hope to see it in action !

good luck, see you in Anaheim ! :cool:

I have seen and competed against a robot almost exactly like this and the design is very effective. Good luck