1082A 2017-2018

Hey there its Ryan from 1082A been a wild build season but we are here ready for the season with my new build, were packing a reverse 4-bar with chain drive and a claw right outa starstruck, we basicly are a moble goal inward stacker and can fully stack them posts up, this year i took alot of considerations for the name, 1082A “We dont care” :3

Video coming to soon
Always be danker then 60x

What is your mechanism for the mobile goal lift? It is a bit hard to see in the pics.

We are using a chain pulling system and 1-bars to prop it up as it hooks in :3

Can you do 10pt goals? You seem to have very little ground clearance.

There is a lot of weight you could cut off that arm. Especially the fact there is a battery on the lift.

Yes we are able too, with our mobile goal manipulator that we are testing and using

we took off the battery on the lift, honestly one of the newbies on the team put it there and I moved it to the base sections, with weight we are not seeing much issues the main thing being we changed the claw and redid our chain bar.

¿5 hole wide cchannel noob?

5 hole wide c-channel is underrated imo. Lots of holes and ability to hide mechanisms. Legit put the motors for the MoGo in between the chain that is driving the back tires of our bot. At the same time it allows for our lift to be completely separate from the wheels which has been an issue for us before. Although I was skepticle of using it when we first had the idea. Its not really a newb thing just a matter of what the situation is at the time.

first off, your lift looks way to heavy, i’d get rid of the weird gearing system you have. second, your lift should be planted behind your wheels unless you have a very sturdy tipwheel. and lastly, if your lift is behind the wheel your chainbar would not need to be placed so out of balance.

still waiting on that video reveal

He has since left the team so I don’t think there will ever be one.