1082A "Infinite" Preseason Robot Reveal

Here is our sister team’s robot reveal!

Some key features:
-1:5 6 motor 8-bar
-1.6:1 4 motor drive train
-1.6:1 2 motor winch-based dump
The 8-bar allows for a farther horizontal position from the back of the base, allowing better weight distribution, and a further vertical, allowing them to get the advantage over defensive bots.

The drive train is a standard 4 4" Omniwheel high speed drive, though based a bit farther forward than normal.

The winch, they have found, allows for a more compact mechanism than a gear-based dumping solution.

Ideas going forwards:
-Prototyping new intakes, ex. Claw, Side Rollers, New Dumper, Dump-Claw Hybrid
-Moving to a 6-bar to reduce weight, also move to a 4 motor lift
-New base with better wheel placement and weight distribution
-Removing all steel from the robot, preferring an aluminum construction for greater movement speed
-Attempting a 2:1 chain-based drive train

Looking good so far! When’s your first competition?

We just completed at a league in Greenville, but our first actual competition is in December

See you guys at the cumby tournament!