1082B reveal

My team is proud to announce this bot is trash

That title lmao… Honestly tho, not bad for a defense bot!

The tipping thing is pretty useless, anyone with rollers or a passive mechanism should be able to untip

actually tipping is pretty useful. It takes time to untip, prob an extra 5 sec or so depending on what side you approach from and for a robot that only scores mogos thats a good feature.

@Chase1028b any reason you didn’t elect for direct drive?

The thing is, you could also use it as a mobile goal trapper if you please. So, that’s something.

I am still waiting for one of those bots to be able to easily score in the 20. That is about the extent I can see of defense.

wait so are you 1082 or 1028?

@Ashwin Gupta my front wheels are direct drive, but my back has 2 motors on them, and i couldn’t put the second motor anywhere else

@Blem I’m 1082, i messed up and didn’t notice my username typo error

@GBHS VEX Member I can easily score in the 20

It really doesn’t take that long, the weight of the mogo is underneath one touch should be enough let gravity do the work, also they only tip one at a time. So it’s not worth at all.

Youre trapping one mobile goal, which is 10 points a stack of 5 will compensate for that mobile goal while, your opponents will be scoring on 3 others and also have a stationary goal to stack on. Regardless defense is a major part of this game.

Is it legal to overturn the opponent’s mobile goal?

@Jeffry Abdelnour No it isn’t, because as mentioned in multiple posts on the forums like this one, you’re allowed to tip over the opponents’ mogo as long as you’re not grasping, grappling or attaching onto it.

So basically, as long as you’re not touching it from more than one side of your bot and using some sort of hook-like-concept then you’re fine.

As long as you don’t “intentionally grasp, grapple or attach” to the opponent’s mobile goal, you can do that. You have to be careful about how you do it. The distinction is whether you actively grab the mobile goal or not. Tipping it over with a stick is fine, but grabbing it (such that you encompass it) and tipping it over with a claw is not. It’s pretty much boils down to whether you were using a stick-like mechanism or a hook/claw-like mechanism to tip it over.