10B Exothermic Blaze Reveal

You might have heard of us, might have not, but we are team 10B, Exothermic Blaze of Exothermic Robotics from Redmond, WA. Brief overview of our robot for World’s:

-Double extending vertical lift powered by 6 269’s
-4 393 motor drive train, powerful enough to move our 18lb robot plus a 10lb goal filled to the top with tubes.
-Pneumatic powered claw in the front, goal lifter in the back
-descoring mechanism on the claw
-two “cheap tube” autonomous scorers


  • 2 Limit switches to detect and adjust position for scoring on movable weighted bases
  • Encoder + Limit switch + proportional loop for precise arm set points
    -20 point autonomous that puts a goal into the ladder
  • 3 Line sensors
  • 2 Encoders for driving and turning

This year is our second year of robotics! For Round Up we have been alliance captains and tournament champions at two major competitions, West Salem and Cambie Secondary, and we won an Excellence award along on the way. The 5 of our 6 team members going to World’s this year all are returning World’s competitors from last year.

Here are some pictures, but expect video soon!





2011-04-11 14.05.39.jpg
2011-04-11 14.05.49.jpg
2011-04-11 14.06.22.jpg
2011-04-11 14.09.52.jpg
2011-04-11 14.09.10.jpg

nice bot, i like the claw/goal carrier combination

how fast is your goal lifter?

Lifts the goal in 2-3 seconds. We have a 15 tooth driving sprocket @ 100 RPM chained to a 12 tooth sprocket that drives 6 tooth pinions that connect to our linear slides. I can safely say that we put goals into the ladder fairly quickly, approximately 7-8 seconds starting from the corner of the field.

I dont know if you’ve seen our video or not but it sounds about similar speed to ours. Really cool bot. when will you have a video up?

Love the design, the 6 motors looks really beastly. Can’t wait to see this thing move a goal in auto !

We also had a similar idea… 2587s - Sigma but moving goals turned out to be a really slow drivetrain crushing process. I’m sure Exothermic will be at top quality goal-pushing style!

I happened to be there the other day when the team was weighing robots. 10B might be setting a new record for an Exo robot. It weighs TWICE as much as 10A and 10V. It even weighs about five pounds more than 575, which also does a lot of stuff. (RampantFang – you should get 575 to cough up some pics.)

Nice robot, guys.

Our drive train is fairly slow, but we are confident in our driving and strategy-- considering how fast things get scored and descored, we were focused on efficiency, rather than pure speed. And not many people are going to try to win a pushing war with an 18 lb robot with 4 HS motors going at 1:1.

Looks awesome! I’ve seen this robot in action and can confidently attest that this is some beastly stuff right here.

Will work on getting that air pump for you guys, see ya at Worlds!

can you hold a goal AND push another?
still trying to figure out how strong 1:1 is with 4 HS motors…
did you trip any motor breakers yet?

No breakers tripped yet! And we’ve thought of some not quite legal ways to use our power… “lift up that robot and put it in the ladder!” or “put that goal on that robot!”, though sadly we haven’t been able to try any of these out.

A glimpse of what’s to come at Worlds.

we have been wanting to put goals onto bots that block us. we do not think that it would be considered legal though. we can place or shoot the goals so it would be especially easy for us… looks like an awesome bot guys!

How long have you guys had the 2 stage chain linear lift for? How long have you had to perfect it? Essentially, how long have you had the design, and who inspired you to create such a unique lift?

Asking as a kind of “scout” of your robot.

Looks like I am not the only one who The Eggs managed to turn onto Ratatat.


The double forklift is one of the most innovative things I’ve ever seen in Vex. Congratulations.

Obviously our main inspiration came from 1103 Currahee, but we designed it from the ground up, and the goal lifter was our own. We’ve been building since the beginning of March after switching from a 254-style roller-claw. Lots of hours have been put into this bot. Lots.