10C Exothermic Creation | Christmas Tipping Point Reveal

10C Exothermic Creation
Early-Season Robot Reveal. Happy holidays!
Comments/feedback appreciated!


Can it get rings on the neutral goal? Very clean design.

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Thank you! We can only get rings on the alliance branches

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Looks great! I like the passive “claw” solution. I assume it’s due to issues trying to get pneumatics but even if it’s not it’s a pretty neat work around to still lift goals.


Yes it is indeed because we couldn’t get our hands on pneumatics. The passive claw definitely isn’t the most reliable for matches but works okay for skills

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Are you able to place goals from the side of the platform without the wall? The side you drive up

We’ve never tried that but as long as there is enough force holding down the other side of the platform after we place down the goal it should be possible