10E Worlds Reveal

4 Motor Drive
1 Motor Indexer
1 Motor Intake
1 Motor Scraper
1 Motor Hood Adjuster
1 Motor 2 Bar
1 Motor Flywheel

Feel free to ask any questions!

See you at Worlds!


What functions are combined?

What is the hood adjuster motor running besides the hood adjuster?

The intake and indexer are running off a differential which can be seen for a brief moment at 0:12 in the reveal.

The scraper and hood adjuster are connected as well.

The motor that powers the scraper is linked to the hood.

OP robot guys! Good luck in science.


Super cool robot! Can’t wait to see you guys at worlds!

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Great robot! Looking forward to your performance at worlds.

On a side note, do you use the same hood angles for all 5 tiles, or does it change? And if it does, does it automatically change or are there different buttons for the different presets?

Nice robot, looking forward to seeing you at worlds!
What speeds do the different rollers on your intake/indexer system run at?

We use different presets for each tile and practice switching efficiently for a near full court tolerance. We experimented with automatic switching using odometry but found it to be inconsistent.

Hope that answered your question!

Thank you!

When the motor runs clockwise, the intake rollers spin at 500 RPM while the indexer does not spin and when it runs counterclockwise, the indexer spins at 500 RPM and the intake spins at 167 RPM.