10N ITZ Reveal

Hey guys! Here’s 10N’s first robot for the 2017-2018 Season!

Make sure to leave your thoughts and suggestions for us, and thank you for watching!

Cool Robot

I like how it looks a less dense than many of the internal stacking rd4b bots I’ve seen so far. The claw looks kind of floppy but I’m guessing it’s not a problem


Thank you! You’re absolutely correct - the claw is a little bit floppy but we’ve gotten started on a redesign that looks to fix that problem.



Absolutely amazing robot! Great job! Also, this is no doubt one of the best reveals ever made in VEX history. I loved the constant scene changing which made the whole thing flashy and exciting. The only thing I would say though is that the whole thing seemed like build up. That’s amazing, but it never really showed plain footage of the robot. Regardless, great editing and wonderful robot. Good luck!

Cool looking Robot, Nice new design!

@The Electrobotz
Thank you so much! Our cameraman happens to be good at editing as well, which is lucky for us. You’re right about the build up - this early season reveal was a bit of a tease and we didn’t want to show our entire robot until closer to the middle of the season when we’ve settled on a good design. Thanks again, and good luck to you too!


Thanks a lot!

Very cool reveal, I love the arm for translational movement! Nicely done!


Thank you! It’s definitely one of the most important parts of our robot.

Did you shoot this upstairs at Robot House? Good work clearing enough space. Hope to see your robot tomorrow at the scrimmage.

@Rick TYler

We did indeed! Cleaning was the most fun part :slight_smile: But we will be there tomorrow along with some other exo teams, see you there!

We will also be at the scrimmage tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you guys there.

What a fantastic vex program! You guys have really built a great early season bot, and I hope to see you teach the new freshmen in our club (Exothermic robotics) about your extremely efficient DRFB!

just an aside, its generally written RD4b, rather than rdfb

Nice robot! See you guys tomorrow at the Scrimmage! :smiley:

@815J Thank you! Isn’t the scrimmage tonight?

oh wut it is? I thought it was tmw… @Exothermic Night oops…

@815J Yeah haha it’s tonight at Robot Mesh.