10Q Worlds Reveal

Team 10Q: Exothermic Quties
Hi everyone!

In anticipation of worlds, team 10Q would like to reveal a little bit about our robot. We’ve been fairly successful over the course of the season, and are fortunate enough to represent Washington at worlds for a third year in a row.

Reveal Video: http://youtu.be/lLboERTVBo0


Key Aspects:

  • Quick maneuverable holonomic drive
  • Fast lift, 4 cube capacity
  • Side rollers, reducing need for precision
  • Consistent 12pt autonomous

Basic Specs:

  • 4 Motor
  • X-Holonomic
  • 3.25" Wheels
  • Internally geared for speed
  • 4 Motor 7:1 Gear Ratio
  • Angle-Shifting
  • Pneumatic Assist
  • 2 Motors, high speed
  • Side roller trackband
  • 4 cube capacity

12pt Autonomous: https://youtu.be/CdUEEmAWv28
Lifting Four Cubes: https://youtu.be/b1NO9d2Eql4
33pt Robot Skills (only cubes): https://youtu.be/be6GXWXDD00
1v1 Against Skyrise Robot (917S): [
Excellence x1
Champions x2
Finalists x2
Design x2
Build x1
Prog Skills x1

Questions are more than welcome!Other Specs:****Season Awards:](https://youtu.be/wuT60VpDmqU)

That must have been the 12 point auto Rick Tyler was talking about. You will probably be the top pick in your division. Good luck at Worlds.

Very nice robot. Did you guys have any drive problems traveling across the field holding 3 or 4 cubes with that ratio?

Can you guys do Skyrise? or will your partner do it and you will do blocks on top?

Not yet haha. The robot’s relatively light so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Our robot is designed to accompany skyrise robots. As such, we decided that building the skyrise ourselves was not necessary for our strategy.

This about the 5th time 10Q has gone to World Champs. Three of the members of the first generation 10Q are now at Stanford. :slight_smile:

10Q looking stronger than ever. Can’t wait to see how you guys do. Everyone in Washington will be watching you guys on your way.

Just wondering, how does the pneumatic assist for the lift work? I’ve heard several people talking about it, but have no idea how it actually adds support for the lift at points other than the top and bottom of the lift’s range.

Well, as long as the pistons are pressurized, they provide a force that pushes the arm up. Even if the lift is only halfway up, and the pistons are only halfway extended, they still apply an upwards force that helps to support the lift.

Ok. I never thought about that before, but now I definitely see how that helps.