10Q Worlds Teaser

Hey guys! Check out a teaser of our robot:


See you all at worlds and look for us in the Math Division!

Nice, see you in Math. How heavy are you?

Great competing with you.
Our highest scoring match all year was when we were allied with 10Q.
You can probably see why.

Nice fire rate, do you do the entire field or just the bar?

Nice. My team’s in the same division.

Fancy fire rate. I hope we get a match together!

They can do full field. I know this personally as my team was rekt by them in state semifinals 250-180

Wow ! I must say that is the fastest flywheel I have seen this season! The trajectory is perfect too!! Good Luck!!

Your robot looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to see you at Worlds, I hope we are paired together!

We do the entire field.