110 Combined Skills Score

I apologize for the burst of skills videos, but I really want to show what we’re capable of to those who we want to alliance with nationals/worlds

Very nice.

Filmed at the Kent Denver Last Chance tournament. We expect to have 2 teams with skills score in the top 50, 1826A (obviously) with 110 and 3946C with 105. 1826A already qualified at states, so really only one team qualified from the tournament, a couple teams less than last year, where 3946A, 3946W, and 1826 qualified from this event.

I presumed the results are not uploaded yet? Coz I can’t find the teams in the global ranking… :frowning:

You should probably review the game manual since the programming skills run breaks rule G4.
Looks like an adult holding the controllers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHGgxvQytpY
Hope you can run it again without the rule violation because it looked really good and although already being qualified it seems like it doesn’t matter, except to the team that gets bumped at #50

Follow the rules people.

<G4> Only Student Drive Team Members may touch the team’s controls, Robot, and Scoring Objects at any time during a Match, and are the only Drive Team Members allowed to interact with the Robot as per <SG3>. Adult Drive Team Members are not permitted to touch the controls or interact with the robot or Scoring Objects. Minor violations of this rule that do not affect the match will result in a warning. Egregious (match affecting) offenses will result in a Disqualification. Teams that receive multiple warnings may also receive a Disqualification at the head referee’s discretion.

Definition: Drive Team Member – Any of the three (3) Students allowed in the Alliance Station during a Match for each team. Only Student Drive Team Members are allowed to touch the controls at any time during the Match, interact with the Robot as per <SG3>, and interact with Scoring Objects as per <SG4>. Adults are not allowed to be Drive Team Members.

Connor (I really hope I got his name right) is a senior this year. He is also a driver on 1826A.

looks are deceiving sometimes!

Funny thing is that when I watched this, it never occurred to me that he might be an adult. My 16 year old son is as big as he is and has more facial hair. lol.

Great run.

Yeah he’s a senior. He’s 18.

Sigh… And to think that my 14yo team might need to go against him…

14 yo? I’ve had 11yos who had to face as much all year. But it is okay as this is not full contact BattleBots.

Here in Colorado, the middle school teams compete with the high schoolers. So there’s like 12 year olds who go up against us…

Yeah, I’ve seen some grandparents of middle school kids who have pushbots and the likes mumbling angrily about our robot… Qualification matches that are over in 20 seconds aren’t exactly exciting.

Matches were over in 20 seconds even when we had a pushbot…

throwback to Grizzly Challenge

TBH I thought Connor was a senior back in Skyrise though.

We’re not talking about good pushbots…

I’m still not sold on the whole pushbot idea. I think not being able to reliably score in the far zone is the killer. Not to mention, they can’t hang. Although, hanging is kind of a waste unless it’s for skills or you’re dominating and want to show off.


Same in Kentucky. And when we began, one of my teams was three 11 year olds and a 12 year old going up at times against 9 teams ranked in the Top 100; though I checked today and it was 9 teams in the Top 101. They usually took their beatings better than the HS teams took them from us

You’re so right. It took a while for our high schoolers to catch on to your guys, even though Mr. Neagle had explained that your teams were always to be taken seriously. After one of the tournaments (Grant County?) where your Minions pushed it to 3 matches in the semifinals, they really got the message.

Yesterday, at the Kentucky High School tournament, I heard “Where are the Minions?” and “How is Z doing, I don’t see them on the rank list?” a couple of times. So our state’s high schoolers were expecting to see your team there. And, as I know you know, your middle school Z team could have taken many of the teams there.