1107A + 1107C Cambie secondary

i will upload the pics asap
(the robots were packed before i could get a good shoot >.<)

1107A: (senior team)

(insert pic here)

4 motor drive, 5:3, 2.91fps
4 motor 4bar linkage 1:5
2 motor intake (couldnt remember what it was)
4 orange capacity (usually do 3 in game)
11+ green
pick up white
special: can do triangles in 3 secs flat

1107C (my team)

(insert pic here)

6 motor drive, 2.5:1, 4.35 fps
motor bucket dump 1:3
2 motor rollers, 24:15 (1.6)
3 orange capacity
6-10 greens
pick up and dump white ball in 3 secs
special: fastest robot in the world??

see you all at Dallas Texas!

9676 was geared 1:3 on 4" wheels (5.23 fps) this year and last year.

We experimented with robots with four-motor drive geared like that last year and just didn’t like the results. The robots accelerated and turned poorly and the motors were obviously struggling. We ended up with 1:3 gearing on 2.75" wheels (about 3.6 fps theoretical) and had robots with lower top speeds that could maneuver MUCH better (last year’s 418 and 575). I think the fastest gearing we had that worked really well was 15:48 with 2.75" wheels (417). These *Elevation *robots weighed right around eight pounds.

This year’s batch of Exothermic robots are geared using a variety of spur gears, small chain, and large chain, but they are all in the 3-3.5 fps range.

The Cambie robots might be “Most Impressive” in the Pacific Northwest this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing their upgraded designs.

So exaggerated

we tried 3:1 earlier
but it accelerated too slow and we needed a pid loop to save the clutches (didnt know how to do that)
the turning was also not the best as rick pointed out

Thank you 1107C for being on our alliance, your robot was most likely better than ours, haha. And another thanks to team 136A for being on our alliance also, you guys were both great.

and i just read your post about the 254a and the chinese copy :stuck_out_tongue:
my father was watching the webcast and he was like "why were you on all three matches??
i thought it was the best/picking team that did that :P)
nice working with you
we tried our best
(cant believed our autonomous screwed up 2/3 times >.<)
guess well be seeing each other next year?
you better qualify! :wink:

Haha, yeah we noticed that you guys were much better than us especially in speed, same with our other alliance pick even, they were around 1.5:1 and you were 2:1, so that helps, haha, and our robots bucket dying in the 2nd match meant we couldn’t really run us again without it possibly still not working.
Yes I think we will, ever since I joined the team we have gone to worlds (No, I’m not braggin :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ), And I have a feeling this year wont be any different. :slight_smile: See you there!