1107B's Robot ready for competition! (teaser)

its a generic “center needle collector” with a few twists
here are the specs :slight_smile:

2:1 drive
can collect and hold 7 tubes (should have been 8 :()
can score in any goal
can collect tubes one at a time AND in stacks
can de-score any amount of tubes off any goal posts
can HANG! (low hang only though :P)

the autonomous should idealy be 25 points
but if i cannot program that in time, then 7-16 pts :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the pic you have all been waiting for!
that was last weeks robot btw
there are a few small add-ons since then

you’ll notice some parts are censored out, this is just the teaser :wink:
the full thing (along with 1107A and 1107C (ULTRA HIGH HANG!!!)) will follow after the competition (Nov. 20th)
hope to see you all there!

Detachable hook for low hang (that’s why you have a winch)

Some kind of improvement to the “needle” grabber design that actually centers it on a goal instead of dropping tubes above it.

Same thing helps with descoring somehow.

Why four omnis without a fifth wheel?

No idea on the four bar.

Did I guess right?

detachable hook, hmmmmm… thats a great idea!=D
close guess on the needle but not quite :wink:
we were going to have a strafe wheel but that didnt really work out and when we tried with 2 normal wheels, the handling was drastically lower
the pics will be up soon :wink:
a complete programming melt down today O.o
least we got it working again after 2 hrs…
some random mastercode problem -.-

Winches are useful sometimes even when you don’t have a detachable hook, like in the way we plan to achieve high hanging. We thought we had a rather unique approach… I’ll be interested to see if you beat us to it…

the only downside to a winch is that they are SLOW (10-15 secs??)
hey, but with the extra 1 motor we have, we’re not complaining :wink:

I won’t even bother trying to imagine what is involved. It seems like a very lightweight robot… is the descoring mechanism easily bent?

Well, I’ll see it in some two or days’ time. I won’t be getting there until 3pm, but best of luck!

3:00 pm?!?!
and we don have enough aluminum for the whole robot
so its a alu/steel hybrid

blah, he submited a new thread, but here is are hang video
he is going to edit the newer video with our third robot high hanging :slight_smile:

heres the full gallery as promised :wink:
i know im showing our design in detail, but it will probably be copied to bits because it did extremely well in our first competition today!
(btw these pics are from last week, so they were A LOT better by today :))

(gallery) http://min.us/mveGLzh
(direct links)

general description to the censored out parts
(roller motor) - we edited it a bit different, but its a nice was of putting the motor IN the arm-ish
(roller itself) - we figured that 5 hole spacing is too wide, and 4 hole is too narrow, so we custom drilled our holes onto a lexan mount
the drilled holes are circular too, so we dont have to add bulky bearing blocks
(descore mechanism) - it folds up at th beginning on the match to fit in the box, and then it flops back down
its simple and gets the job done well
(4bar) - hey look, its a TWO BAR!
it is half as light as a regular 4bar AND isn’t really a structural disadvantage (no bending, twisting :))

fell free to ask if you have questions](http://min.us/jcXL2.bmp)

(direct links)

fell free to ask if you have questions](http://min.us/jcXL2.bmp)

You did beat us to it, but not in the way I thought you were going to–one of our teams is currently working on a robot that combines a center roller with a forklift for descoring.

Very nicely executed, good job! Did you enter in skills?

yes, but our batteries were low so it glitched out (darn vexnet)
and we were the last up too (we got 52 for our first attempt)
but we didnt beat the top score (61)

btw this design works VERY well
and the descore is faster than any other mechanism (claw, ect)
all we do is ram into the goalpost and lift

if we beat you to it, try to make a BETTER one :wink:
(not sure how you would do it, but YEAH!)

How fast is your lift? (I ask because I’ve seen other forklift bots do the same, and because clawbot closing takes about a quarter of a second, so the faster descore might literally come down to the arm speed.)

we RAM into the goalpost
and lift our arm (1:5 ratio with 4 motors running it)
my teammates will upload some vids later on and then you’ll see :slight_smile:
most of the descore-ers in our competition seem to have a SLOW arm ratio (linear slides…)
and they fiddle for a few secs to aim it to claw the tubes

254A’s robot at Florida descored pretty quickly as well. However, I heard that they were unsatisfied with the design, and are revamping it. We saw a similar design in 10V (was 1107A similar as well?)

One of the lessons of these early tournaments is that descoring done well can completely change a match. Yesterday at Redmond I really noticed that 1107B and 10N were ferocious descorers (sorry Blake!). 1107B was obviously outstanding, with their ability to pop a stack of rings off a goal and then immediately load it up again.

I’ve been telling the members of our team that things have changed in Cascade region and that they should take Cambie seriously. I was right.

That’s been the design our team is making, with a couple of improvements and changes, of course. :smiley: Be sure to watch for us, Dec. 4th at Rolling Meadows, IL.

thanks Mr. Tyler for the praise :slight_smile:
well be sure to win at OUR competition :wink:
im just waiting for some vids to be up and you’ll all get to see how devastating descoring can be (we lost a match because of that :()

and when you look at a score similar to 7-13 or something low like that, the robots can neither all have field problems, OR there could have just been really good descorers!

The video has made me very curious about the hanging (the World Championship winners will high hang). How long does it take for you to hang, and could you do it consistently in the matches?

heh, knew someone would say that
1107A (with the claw)
has 8 motors 7:1 ratio arm that help them hang in 5 secs (+ 1-2 to aim and hook on)

1107B (us)
have a one motor 1:7 winch that winches us up (slowly)
we also have a 4 motor 1:5 arm ratio that “assists” the hanging but it doesn’t do THAT much
it takes us around 10-15 secs from aim, to low hang
which is why we didnt really go for the hanging approach
within that time, we could have swung the game by 20-25 points!
(even thought we could do it consistently in practice)

An 8 motor arm. Based on the picture that i saw of them it looks like they have 1 motor on the claw and i would hope that they have at least 2 on drive. Do you mean 6 motors on the arm? What am i missing here?