1115A Early Robot Reveal

Well as a team we did not know if we wanted to do a reveal at all but came to a conclusion and it was why not so here you go. This is a month till our first competition and we cant wait to see you there.
4 motor turbo drive
4 motor lift (1-7 gear ratio)
2 motor intake
2 motor hang
plus a little something extra.
3 stars and one cube or two cubes.
please let us know if you have any questions. P.S who is to say it has not already changed

do you have any video of it?

What is the hanging mechanism?

well in the most simple way an axle.

yes we do but we do not wish to give away that much. but if you guys can wait till about a month there will be an update including a video.

Its nice to know I’m not the only crazy person with a turbo holonomic.

add a plow to push stars under the fence in case ur lift breaks during the match

That’s extra metal. Why not just turn around? Also if they test their lift enough it really shouldn’t break, these aren’t rocket science

I love how the images makes me stretch my neck. Enough exercise for today.

At first, I thought Turbos on a 4 motor holonomic drive was pushing it to the limit in a way there’s a overheating risk but then I realized those are smaller wheels so maybe it’s fine.

I love how the base looks so clean!

@jonathan1115, how many stars can it hold without any cubes?

What kind of intake is it? Is that one of those giant Edward Scissor Hands claws?

Looks like it.

we have had no problems in testing.

yes it is.

I’m curious how those claws fold into the size limit. I don’t see any hinges.

here is a pic of the hinge

When is the reveal coming out, i am really curious to see this, as claws are rising at this stage

Do you guys have anything on your claw that applies compression to keep the stars or a cube from falling through?