1115A K.I.D.S Inc Skyrise Results

Hello, in case anyone was wondering, our competition was Saturday. Here are our results from it.

First, the link to the competition results page for an overview of total results:

Second, a link to the playlist of videos we recorded that day:

Lastly, a link to our reveal thread in case anyone missed it:

Ok, so with that out of the way, our reflection on the competition. We did very well and definitely had one of the best two robots in the whole competition (congrats 1193c). We went 6-0-0 and were ranked 1. We had high aspiriations for the event once we saw the match up, yet we still lost in the semi- finals. Heres why: we won the first semi final easily. Our second semi-final our opponents had an autonomous that went around the cube pyramid and pushed our alliance partner back into the cube. This caused us (after some time debating rules) to lose the autonomous round and due to some issues that were arriving with our unique skyrise plunger, we dropped two skyrise pieces and lost the match. For our third semi- final match we also lost. This was due to a catastrophic failure of the skyrise plunger. The whole axle FELL OUT! We were shocked and upset but still continued to try our best and lost the match 20-16.

We were fourth in skills due to lack of practice, we did not participate in programming skills, and our judges meeting went great!
We were later told that due to our excellent interview, skills, ranking, and notebook that we would have won the excellence award if we would have at least tried in programming skills. They said that 1 point in programming skills would have won us the excellence. Needless to say, we were very upset by the end of the day.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Also, we would very much appreciate any advice you also have. Thank you!](https://vexforum.com/t/1115a-skyrise-reveal/27508/1)

Looked like a consistent performance right up until the shaft fell out but I’d bet you guys won’t let that happen again so call it experience. Even a single part can result in total failure so it’s good to learn this before you become real engineers.

I wouldn’t be unhappy about missing the excellence award through not doing programming skills. Perhaps view it from a positive angle - the team was actually a worthy candidate and you know it’s within reach.