1115A Pre-Warren Reveal

Hey guys. This robot will be at the Warren competition in Indiana this Saturday. As of right now it is mostly finished with a few loose ends to clean up. It is very good at stashing the bucky balls, but can not manipulate big balls. We are adding hooks to low hang with a big ball stuck between the lift. It has a full autonomous for all four tiles. It crosses the bump very easily. It uses 8 motors. 4 for the drive. 2 for the scissor lift. 2 for the intakes. I’d love some feedback to help us out :).
(Sorry the pictures are so huge!)


Looks great, see you this Saturday!

Thanks you too :smiley:

Looks like solid competition! See you Saturday!

Is there a reason you only decided to use 8 motors? It seams like you could stick them on the drive or lift to make it faster or stronger.

It looks like a solid robot and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action Saturday!

Well our school has a shortage of 2 wire motors. So we had to use as little as possible and we were never sure where else to try to add them on our lift. Our drive is very solid, but our lift could use some help at times.

Looks like a solid robot. Will have to see it up close at Warren.

Awesome! As long as it’s not canceled :slight_smile:

Hopefully not, It doesn’t look as bad as they were setting it up to be though. Also, do you have a specific reason for having the metal covering up your drivetrain? Just wondering if it served a specific purpose.

It probably isn’t 100% necessary, but we have it there in order to provide a platform for our scissor lift and its rack and gear system

Ah. Support is always nice, do you have swaying problems because our first scissor liked to sway back and forth about 6-10 inches each way.

It’s mostly the same design so we do have some sway, but I don’t think it’ll be beyond a few inches if we’re moving.

I would also like to recommend changing your basket to lexan as it would allow more slide.

Nah, it’s not that bad. The snow should stop tonight, and the city should have the main roads cleared by Saturday.

We should be able to compete. Right now, it stinks that I am homeschooled. I don’t get a snow delay or cancel :smiley:

We did this with our first two intake designs, and it worked pretty good. For our bot we will be bringing to Warren, we have a piece of metal as our intake tray. The buckyballs slide our very fast. Both work, but I personally like metal better.

Yeah we had plans to but problems always popped up first. We plan to do away with the lift after Warren as it is inefficient and very unreliable. At least ours is.

That’s good to hear. I will definitely keep that in mind for our next design :slight_smile: