1115A Toss Up reveal v2.0

Hello, team 1115A back again to showcase our second iteration for toss up. An overview:

4 393 motors internally geared for speed
6 wheels
Chained together

2 393 motors geared for torque
1:5 gear ratio

Side roller flap configuration for buckie balls
Rubber band large ball intake
2, 3 wire motor motors

2 double acting cylinders attached to c channel

Video overview:

Any suggestions, thoughts, or criticisms are greatly appreciated. We will be attending Warren II qualifying tournament tomorrow.

Link is broken. :frowning:

there ya go

Looks nice! A few questions though:

How heavy is your robot? We tried high speed base motors, but our drive stalled pretty often with the air tanks.

Does your passive large ball knocker allow you to go under the barrier in both directions?

Also, for your large ball intake, you guys are using standoffs to connect to the bottom roller instead of axles. Is there a specific reason for that? Like does it work better with standoffs rather than an axle? Just thinking now, why not both standoffs and an axle?

It hasn’t been weighed in a while but I’d guess around 13-15lbs. We can go both ways with the knocked. And with the intake, we used standoffs because of not having long enough axles. The standoffs do work well, but over time they loosen ans are a pain to tighten.

Wow, I like it! Keep up the great work, guys.

Ok so at Warren II we didn’t do so great. We had drive problems most of the day. It wasn’t until the quarter finals that we realized we could fix the friction problem by removing our middle wheel. We could drive for maybe 30 seconds at a time but still ended up with 4-1.